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How to give your child good dental health for life

Children in the UK still have rates of tooth decay that are too high. This is getting better, but improvement is still needed. At Ladbroke Grove Dental Care we believe that no child should ever end up in hospital because of something as preventable as tooth decay – yet even in 2016, this still happens.

children-dentistThe team at Ladbroke Grove Dental Care offers a full range of children’s dental services, designed to set your little ones up with good oral health for life. Fear of the dentist is sometimes caused by a negative experience of visiting a practice during childhood; that won’t happen at Ladbroke Grove, where the team is highly experienced in working with children, ensuring they feel safe and well-cared for at all times.

You should start bringing your child into the practice from about the age of 12 months, by which time most children’s milk teeth have started to appear. Of course, every child is different, and if your baby develops teeth at a younger age you can bring them in to see the dentist and to learn how to care for infants’ developing teeth.

It may be helpful for a young child to attend a dental appointment at the same time as a parent, guardian, or older sibling. Children love to observe new things and copy what they see, and this can be a great way to introduce them to the idea of sitting in the dentist’s chair and opening their mouth so that the dentist can look inside.

We have a firm focus on preventative dentistry at Ladbroke Grove, and offer fluoride varnish and fissure sealants to all children, to protect and strengthen their teeth. Advice on tooth brushing will be presented in a fun, engaging, age-appropriate manner.

Early visits to the dentist also mean that if your child does develop decay it can be spotted sooner rather than later, usually meaning less invasive treatment is needed. It can also be beneficial to spot the early warning signs of potential orthodontic problems, so that they can be monitored and treated by early intervention if required.

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