How To Get Your Teeth Straightened Quicker

If you’re considering orthodontics in North Harrow as a means of getting your teeth straightened then what might be putting you off is the length of time you may need to wear a brace before you seen any results. However, there could be another solution and that’s ‘instant orthodontics’.

orthodontics in North HarrowOrthodontics typically refers to the straightening of teeth using aligners or even clear braces. In North Harrow at Imperial Dental Care, we can however, use a form of cosmetic dental procedure which doesn’t involve either. Instead, it uses porcelain veneers (and sometimes crowns) to make your teeth appear straight, without actually straightening them at all. Not only does this avoid the need for numerous dental visits to adjust a brace, but once fitted with porcelain veneers your teeth will look perfectly straight and remain that way without the need for a retainer to keep them in place.

Porcelain veneers are wafer thin layers of porcelain which fit over the front surface of a tooth in a similar way that a false nail fits over a finger nail. Made in a laboratory with precision manufacturing and expert colour matching, they closely resemble your natural teeth to give a seamless finish. Any teeth that have been ‘fixed’ with veneers will be even stronger than your other teeth. Your smile will be instantly whitened, cracks and chips concealed, and teeth beautifully shaped.

If you suffer from any of the following:

  • Crooked teeth
  • Overlapping teeth
  • Gaps between teeth
  • Chipped or cracked teeth

then instant orthodontics could work for you.

How long does instant orthodontics take?

Usually porcelain veneers involve little more than 2 or 3 visits to your dentist in North Harrow, depending on the severity of your case. Once it’s decided which teeth need to have veneers applied, then an impression is taken of your teeth and sent to the lab to be made. In the meantime you’ll be fitted with temporary veneers until your permanent ones are ready to be applied.

Recovery is relatively quick and your gums may feel a little swollen and sensitive but this shouldn’t last more than a couple of days. Usually an over the counter painkiller such as Ibuprofen will ease any discomfort.

If you’re interested to find out if porcelain veneers could solve your dental issues then why not come and talk with Imperial Dental Care. Besides general dentistry and orthodontics we also carry out cosmetic dentistry in North Harrow. You can book a free consultation by calling 020 8427 2264 or contacting us via our website at We’ll be able to answer your questions and discuss your best options.

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