How To Choose A Basildon Dentist – 4 Top Tops

Although everyone needs a dentist, it’s fair to say that not everyone has s dentist that they fully trust. So when you need to make an appointment, schedule a routine check-up, or need to seek a emergency dentist, then how do you know which dentist in Basildon to call?

It’s true that finding the right dentist can be a bit of a minefield but if you follow these four tips then you should be able to find a dentist who is highly skilled, highly qualified, and above all meets your needs.

Check for qualifications

dentist in BasildonQualified dentists go through a lot of training especially those who specialise in certain dental aspects such as cosmetic dentistry. Basildon residents therefore, should take heart from the fact that most dentists will be justifiably proud of their qualifications and will want to tell their patients about it. As a result a dentist who’s fully-trained and highly-qualified will easily make their qualifications available to see online, usually on the clinic’s website itself.

Ongoing training

Whether they’re an NHS dentist in Basildon or deal privately inbraces/orthodontics, Basildon residents might want to take comfort in the fact that a conscientious dentist never sits on their laurels. The field of dentistry is forever changing and as technology and new discoveries come to light any dentist worth their salt will want to have access to that research and technology in order stay ahead of the game when it comes to caring for their patients. As such they should also make readily available any ongoing training that they’re doing in their chosen field.

Good recommendations

Sometimes it just isn’t enough to have the right qualifications and ongoing training if a dentist’s ‘chair side’ manner isn’t good. For this reason it’s often best to check recommendations from old and existing patients and to take a look at how the dentist has helped them specifically. A good dental clinic will post solid reviews on their website, so it’s well worth having a read.

Speciality checks

Finally you wouldn’t see an orthodontist if you need dental implants. Basildon residents might be surprised to know just how many dentists offer a multitude of services without really specialising in one key area. The reality is that when it comes to caring dentistry a ‘jack-of-all-trades’ approach really doesn’t cut it. Therefore seek a dentist that specialises (or at the very least has a special interest) in your particular area of dentistry.

Hopefully using these four top tips you’ll have no problems finding a dentist in Basildon that you can trust. Here at Felmores Dental Clinic our diverse and experienced team means that we specialise in a number of areas, so why not come and speak to us about how we can help you. To make a booking either contact us directly on 01268 726789 or alternatively fill in the form on our website at

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