How to beat fear of the dentist for good

In this week’s blog we will be looking at how to beat fear of the dentist for good. It’s more common than you might think to be afraid of the dentist. It’s more common than you might think to be afraid of the dentist. Approximately one in ten adults in the UK is so anxious about dental treatment that they put off visiting the dentist until an emergency arises. This can make anxiety worse, as dental emergencies tend to be painful and frightening, so you are likely to in a heightened state of stress already.

sedation-dentistryThe good news is that in the 21st Century dental anxiety no longer needs to be a barrier to treatment. Most dentists are now sympathetic to the needs of nervous dental patients, and there are a number of ways to get the treatment you need to restore you to oral health.

If you haven’t visited a dental practice in decades, you may be pleasantly surprised by the advances that have taken place in recent years. Modern dentistry is by-and-large pain-free, with improvements to techniques, equipment, and materials.

Sometimes, a chat with an understanding dentist can be enough to help you get treatment. At Homewood Dental Practice in Brentwood, our dentists are always happy to spend all the time you need talking to you about any treatments required, and what can be done to help you back to health.

A popular option at our Brentwood clinic is to have treatment under conscious sedation. This is different from general anaesthetic, where you would be asleep. With conscious sedation you will be awake, but largely unaware of treatment, will feel peaceful, relaxed, and safe – and most importantly, pain free.

Most people who have treatment under dental sedation remember very little about it afterwards, and are often surprised at how different their teeth look and feel once the sedatives wear off.

It’s important to bring a friend with you to your appointment if you are having conscious sedation, because the sedative drugs can take a while to fully leave your system, and you will not be allowed to drive until they have fully worn off. You also shouldn’t operate any machinery, cook, or even boil a kettle.

Your dentist will provide you with full pre- and post-sedation instructions, and you will be carefully monitored during treatment.

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