How To Avoid Bad Breath With Braces

The benefit of wearing braces is that you’ll be rewarded with a beautiful straight smile. The time that you spend wearing your braces is an investment in the health and appearance of your smile. However your orthodontist in Clacton will tell you that braces can present a few problems. The majority of these problems are commonly faced by most brace wearers, such as food getting stuck in your braces, difficulty flossing, and bad breath. So don’t worry, you’re not alone.

bad breath with bracesFor this blog we’re going to concentrate on bad breath and what you can do to prevent it. There’s no need to cut yourself off from others for fear that your bad breath will make them turn away.

Tips to keep your breath fresh when wearing braces

  • Stay hydrated – A mouth that is dry lowers the production of saliva and can make the breath smell. Saliva is the body’s way of washing away bacteria and food particles from your teeth and gums, both of which are contributors to bad breath. Keep a bottle of water handy so that you can sip from it during the day.
  • Eat a healthy diet – Sugar laden unhealthy foods can be a cause of bad breath. Try and stick to eating healthy fresh produce such as fruit and vegetables, grains, protein, and dairy, all of which should be on the list of foods that your dentist in Clacton recommends you eat during your orthodontic treatment.
  • Stay away from sugary drinks – Just as with sugar laden food, sugary drinks such as coke and fruit juice, can also contribute to bad breath.
  • Brush your teeth more often – Make it a habit to brush your teeth and your tongue more often. Try brushing first thing in the morning, after every meal or snack, and before you go to bed, in order to remove trapped food particles and plaque, which can cause your breath to smell.
  • Keep on flossing – Flossing may be tricky wearing braces but it really is necessary. Ask your dentist in Clacton for some tips on flossing and if he can recommend a particular floss or toothbrush which may be easier to use around your brace.
  • Use a mouthwash – Rinse your mouth after brushing with an antiseptic mouth wash which will make your breath smell fresh and clean. Swirl it around for about 30 seconds before spitting it out.
  • Schedule dental appointments – dental check-ups and regular cleaning are more important than ever when you wear braces. Cavities can interfere with orthodontics so be sure to attend regular dental appointments every six months or less.

Maintain daily good oral hygiene

Practising good oral hygiene every day is important whether you wear braces or not, but it is especially important when you are wearing braces. Imagine how you’d feel if once your braces were removed, your new straight smile was marred by decay.

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