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How Can I Get Cheap Dental Implants?

Dental implants are widely recognised as being the best method of replacement for missing teeth and since they’re placed straight into the jawbone, they’re also considered a permanent fixture. The only problem is that dental implants do come at a cost, and you can expect to pay anywhere from £900-£2,000 per tooth. Judging by the level of new patients we have asking for dental implants in North Harrow, not everyone is put off by the cost. But what about cheap implants, do they exist and where can you get them from?

dental implants in North HarrowDental implants are classed as cosmetic and are an extremely specialist area which is why you should be way of anyone offering cheap implants. Experienced dentists have years of training in placing implants and use top quality implants from recognised manufacturers and all of this is reflected in the price. Clinics offering cheap dental implants could be using inexperienced dentists to carry out the procedure and may be buying their implants from lesser known manufacturers. Top branded implants are made from pure titanium because it is a material which the human body doesn’t reject. Strong and lightweight, it’s perfect for such use but does come at a high cost. New manufacturers trying to compete on price may well use a mixture of titanium and other metals which may or may not impact on the success of the implant. Would you be willing to undergo implant surgery from a dentist with very little training, using what could be an inferior implant?

So where else might cheap implants be found?

  • Cheaper prices abroad

Some patients may be tempted to travel abroad for their dental implants and it’s true that cosmetic dentistry in foreign countries abroad is big business. However, with this comes the problem of identifying just what experience the dentist has and what type of implants he is using. Add to that the possible language barrier; the fact that their standards may not be the same as here in the UK; the lack of after care; and the distance to travel should you need to go back due to a problem; and suddenly it doesn’t seem such a good idea. We’re not saying that all cosmetic dentistry abroad is a risk, but you need to take care and carry out plenty of research before committing yourself.

  • What about the NHS?

Unfortunately the NHS is already well and truly stretched and cannot afford to pay for someone to have implants simply because they look good. However in such cases where the problem has been caused by a congenital defect or trauma and it can be proved that the individual is suffering physically or mentally, then the NHS may stump up the cash.

Here at Imperial Dental Care we’re both a private and NHS dentist in North Harrow with many years experience of placing dental implants. If you’d like to learn more about dental implants and find out whether they’re suitable for you, then why not book a free consultation by calling us today on 020 8427 2264 or visit our website at where you’ll find more information on all the treatments we provide.

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