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Helping Your Child to Have a Healthy Smile

Every parent wants their child to enjoy a healthy and attractive smile and this is something we can help you with here at Imperial Dental Care. Our dentists love seeing children and our friendly dental team work hard to make sure they feel relaxed and at ease during visits.

healthy-smileOur practice focuses extensively on preventative dental care as we’d much rather work with you to help ensure your child’s teeth remain strong and healthy right throughout childhood and well into adulthood. To do this, we recommend you bring your child to see a dentist in Harrow at a very early age, soon after they get their first tooth or by age 1.

Booking That First Dental Visit

While age 1 might seem incredibly young, there is a great reason for bringing them to our practice when they are still very little. This ensures they will get used to being in a dental practice and will simply grow up seeing it as a normal part of life. By having regular check-ups, we can help prevent dental problems from occurring and if they do have any small issues such as a cavity then we can quickly treat them before your child suffers toothache or dental pain. This approach can help ensure that they grow up without any fears or anxieties.

Don’t forget that our friendly dental team are also here to help you. We know it can be awkward trying to clean a young child’s teeth but we can show you a few techniques to help this essential task go more smoothly for you both. As your child gets older, we can work with them directly showing them how to brush and floss correctly. This will help them develop great oral habits that will hopefully last them for life.

Regular Dental Check-ups

As your child gets older we will need to see them every six months for regular check-ups and cleanings. This also allows us to assess how their teeth and jaws are developing and to become any problems at an earlier stage. These include potential orthodontic problems as well as those that may have been caused by thumb sucking or finger sucking. Children can see an orthodontist around age 6 or seven as sometimes early orthodontic treatment can be extremely useful in correcting problems at a stage when their teeth and jaws are still developing and when an orthodontist is able to take advantage of growth spurts to guide the growth of their jaws.

Preventative Dental Treatments

Our dentist in Harrow can also offer a number of preventative dental care treatments that include fluoride treatments and fissure sealants. Fluoride is extremely useful for helping to harden the tooth enamel on young teeth and can simply be painted onto the tooth surfaces where it is left to penetrate the teeth. Fissure sealants are best applied to a child’s newly erupted back teeth, completely sealing the large chewing surfaces on molars and premolars. Fissure sealants are extremely thin and consist of a flowable plastic material that is tooth coloured.

If you have a young child and would like to bring them to see our dentist in Harrow, please call us on 020 8427 2264. We look forward to meeting them.

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