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Helping Your Child Enjoy Great Dental Health for Life

Every parent wants their child to enjoy healthy teeth and to have a nice attractive smile that will last for life. This is a reasonable aim and can definitely be achieved through great professional dental care and excellent home dental care.

dental-healthHere at Downham Market Dental Care, our friendly dental team love seeing younger patients and children are definitely welcome. We encourage parents to bring their child into see us when they are still very young and to book their first appointment when their first tooth emerges or by their first birthday. We know some people think this is very young but it’s really the ideal age to begin getting a child into a regular routine of dental care.

What to Expect during Their First Dental Visit

We are very gentle with when treating children and you will find our Downham Market dentist will go out of their way to help your child relax. The first visit to our dental practice is simply for a quick examination, if your child feels comfortable, and is a chance for us to assess how their teeth and jaws are developing. It’s also a good opportunity for you to chat to us about their dental care as we can show you how to clean their brand-new teeth which isn’t always an easy task with a reluctant child.

Why Milk Teeth Matter

It’s well worth persevering as it is important to ensure their milk teeth remain strong and healthy as tooth decay is unpleasant at any age. By making sure their milk teeth remain cavity free, you will be helping the development of their adult teeth. Milk teeth are essential for holding open the correct amount of space for adult teeth to erupt normally, decreasing the chances of your child requiring orthodontic treatment. Additionally, milk teeth make it much easier for a child to learn how to speak and eat.

Choosing a Healthy Diet for Your Child

Our dentist in Downham Market can also talk to you about your child’s diet. It can be incredibly confusing trying to make healthy food choices that are also tooth friendly. Many so called healthy foods have huge amounts of hidden sugars that can damage your child’s teeth and these include smoothies and fruit juices and granola and cereal bars.

Preventative Dental Care

Our aim is to prevent your child from developing any dental problems and to do this we provide every child who visits our practice with a personalised treatment plan. After assessing their risk of tooth decay, we can determine how frequently they should come and visit us and the kinds of preventative dentistry treatments that can help keep their teeth strong and healthy. These include fissure sealants and fluoride treatments, as well as professional hygiene treatments. The great thing about preventative dentistry is that it is very non-invasive and painless and as a family oriented dental practice, we take lots of care to ensure that every visit will be as relaxing and as comfortable as possible for your child.

If it’s time for your child to visit a dentist in Downham Market, please call us on 01366 382265. You can also find out more about all the services we offer on our website at

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