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Helping nervous dental patients back to oral health

Being scared of the dentist is a common problem, and dental sedation is an excellent way to get around it. This means not only are you able to get back to full oral health, but you are also able to achieve the smile of your dreams that you may right now think is pure fantasy, as cosmetic dental treatment can also be carried out under sedation.

nervous-dental-patientsThere are many reasons people cite for fear of the dentist. It could be a bad experience during their younger years, or might be caused by a specific trigger such as the sights, sounds, or even the smells of a dental practice. Other people fear that if they haven’t had dental treatment in decades their dentist will tell them off and be judgemental.

At Homewood Dental Care in Brentwood, we would never judge or berate a patient whose oral health is less than perfect because of fear of the dentist. Dental fear can range from mild anxiety to full-blown phobia that brings on panic attacks. To act in a judgemental manner would be entirely inappropriate as it would only serve to confirm a patient’s fears that dentists are someone to be afraid of.

Instead, we will treat nervous dental patients with respect, understanding, patience and professionalism at our Brentwood dental practice. All your dentist wants to do is to help you get back to oral health and then to maintain it in the future.

Conscious sedation is an excellent option for many nervous dental patients. It involves using sedative drugs, delivered intravenously (which means they go straight into your bloodstream so take affect almost instantly). You won’t be unconscious or asleep like with general anaesthetic, thus you are able to cooperate with your dentist’s instructions as necessary. However, you will be exceptionally relaxed and will feel deep peace. Most importantly of all, you won’t experience any pain.

Most people who have treatment under conscious sedation remember little to nothing about it afterwards.

The dentists and dental nurses at Homewood Dental Care are specially trained to deliver dental sedation, and will monitor you for the duration of treatment.

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