Gum Disease and the Signs You Need to Be Aware of

We know many people regard tooth decay as being the main threat to their dental health, but in fact gum disease is far more serious and prevalent and is the main cause of tooth loss. Even worse, gum disease is often called the ‘silent disease’ because the early symptoms are very easy to ignore. Read on to discover the type of symptoms that might indicate you have gum disease and discover why it’s so important to take quick action.

gum-diseaseWhat Causes Gum Disease?

Gum disease is a bacterial infection that is caused by bacteria building up over the surface of your teeth and gums, normally because of poor oral hygiene. These bacteria thrive and multiply on leftover particles of food and as they do so they produce toxins which will infect your gums. This prompts your body to try to fight the infection, producing inflammation in your gums which is very destructive.

Eventually gum disease will destroy the gum tissue as well as the ligaments holding your teeth in their sockets and the bone surrounding your teeth. It’s vital to catch gum disease at an early stage when it is easily treatable and can be completely cured by our Harrow dentist. Things become much more serious if the early signs are ignored, as without treatment the early stage of gum disease which is called gingivitis, can easily develop into periodontitis and may become chronic.

Symptoms That Something Might Be Wrong with Your Gums

Gums that bleed whenever you brush or floss are a big sign that something is wrong. Healthy gums should be strong and firm to touch and do not bleed easily. Other symptoms include gums that look redder than you remember and the gum tissue may be shiny and swollen. If the disease has progressed then you may well notice your teeth look longer than before and that some of the tooth roots have become exposed.

This is due to the bacterial infection destroying gum tissue and causing the gums to pull away from your teeth. The effect of your gums pulling away from your teeth is to create periodontal pockets or gum pockets which are gaps in between your teeth and your gums. These are very difficult to keep clean and can harbour large amounts of bacteria. In cases of periodontitis, it’s possible these gum pockets may produce pus. You might notice you have bad breath or that you have a persistently nasty taste in your mouth.

Getting Treatment for Gum Disease

If you think your gums might be infected or if it’s been a while since you visited a dentist in Harrow, then we’d urge you to come and see us here at Imperial Dental Care. Our dentist can quickly diagnose the problem and will recommend the most suitable treatments. Early gum disease can often be completely cured just by having your teeth professionally cleaned and improving your oral care at home. Periodontitis is a different matter and treatment may need to be ongoing to help control it. It’s vital to try to keep your gums healthy and strong because this helps to protect your general health by preventing the bacteria in your mouth from getting into your bloodstream through bleeding gums. Gum disease has been linked to numerous serious health conditions that include diabetes and heart disease.

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