Great Preventative Dentistry Can Save You Time and Money

All of the very friendly dental team here at Clacton Dental Care are passionate about preventative dentistry. We know it is the best way for our patients to enjoy optimal dental health at all times and with minimal costs. We are also aware that it’s very easy to ignore six monthly reminders from your Clacton dentist that your regular dental examination is due, particularly if you don’t think there is anything wrong with your teeth. However there are lots of very good reasons why you should make sure you book regular dental exams.

Detecting Any Dental Problems Early on

preventative dentistryBy seeing you every six months or so, our dentist can soon pick up on any signs that something is wrong even before you may have realised there is a problem with your teeth. The huge advantage of doing this is that any treatment required will be quicker, easier, less invasive and cheaper. We are more likely to be able to preserve your natural tooth and you are less likely to suffer any discomfort or pain or to require an emergency dentist in Clacton. After we have assessed your teeth and gums, we can also chat to you about the best way to prevent any dental diseases from occurring and will provide you with a fully customised preventative dental care plan. This is designed to keep your teeth and gums looking their best at all times. We also recommend you see a hygienist at the same time as you see our dentist, as this will only take you an hour or so and we hope will be all that is required for another six months.

Advantages of Regular Hygiene Appointments

Regular hygiene appointments should be an important part of your preventative dental care plan. Our hygienist will carefully scale and polish your teeth, removing hardened plaque which is a substance called calculus. The problem with calculus is that it releases toxins that will inflame and infect your gums, greatly increasing the risk that you could develop gum disease. At the same time this treatment is very effective for helping to freshen up your breath, as well as that lovely feeling of having super clean teeth that you get from going to the dentist. By polishing your teeth, our hygienist will remove some slight surface stains and this can be a nice way to give your smile a bit more sparkle and you will probably notice it looks a bit brighter than before.

By cleaning your teeth, our hygienist will be able to identify any areas that you may be missing during regular brushing and flossing and can advise you on the best ways to brush and floss more effectively. Dental education is a very important part of our practice and we do encourage your patients to ask any questions they have about their dental care as we are here to help you. If you’d like some advice on how to floss more effectively or perhaps on alternative tools to use then please just ask us. We know this is one particular area that many people find tricky and as a result it can often be neglected.

To find out more about how preventative dentistry could help you or your family, or to book an appointment with our Clacton dentist, please call us on (01255) 221001 and book your appointment today. Don’t forget, you can book to see our hygienist at any time and you don’t need to see our dentist to access this service.

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