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Got Another Cold? The Reason Could Be Your Toothbrush

Your toothbrush is undeniably your best friend when it comes to ridding your mouth of bacteria and plaque and helping stave of tooth decay and cavities, but did you know it could also be the reason for yet another common cold?

dentist in BasildonBecause your mouth is warm and moist it presents the perfect breeding ground for bacteria. If this isn’t removed effectively then plaque can form on the teeth and this may cause decay and cavities. Your dentist in Basildon will have told you to brush your teeth and floss on a daily basis to prevent plaque from building up, but it’s also extremely important that you keep your toothbrush clean from germs.

Toothbrushes attract bacteria

Unfortunately, despite a toothbrush being an effective tool for cleaning your teeth, tongue, and other areas of the mouth, it also serves as a breeding ground for bacteria if it’s not properly cleaned after every use. Virus strains and bacteria can all be lurking on your toothbrush and this includes flu and cold strains. Flu or influenza is a particularly nasty strain of virus which likes to make its home in your toothbrush. Germs from particles of food and the environment collect between the bristles and because they multiply they can affect your health, making you feel unwell and needing time off school or work, because of a cold or bad headache. Although your toothbrush won’t give you a deadly infection, it can contribute to nasty viruses which leave you feeling under the weather. In order to prevent catching a common cold, which is often hard to shift, it’s important to make sure that you clean your toothbrush thoroughly.

Toothbrush care

The best line of defence against the build up of plaque which can cause gum disease, tooth loss, and the need for dental implants in Basildon as well as putting you at risk of getting a cold, is a clean toothbrush. Needless to say a quick swill under the cold tap won’t suffice, nor will using the same old toothbrush, for weeks on end. This simply encourages micro organisms to invade and infect your mouth on a regular basis.

Most bacteria thrive in an environment which is dark and damp, so it’s important that after rinsing your toothbrush you allow it to dry out. Shake your brush vigorously under running water and then stand it upright in a beaker for easy drying. Make sure your brush is thoroughly rinsed free of excess food particles. It’s not a bad idea either to have two toothbrushes on the go – one for the morning and one for evening use. Never share your toothbrush as this could result in an exchange of body fluids and place people at risk of infection, particularly those with a weakened immune system.

It’s also important where you store your toothbrush. Be sure not to leave it anywhere near the toilet. Every time a toilet is flushed it releases bacteria into the air which can encourage virus strains. Also never keep your toothbrush in a closed container as this is more likely to promote the growth of micro-organisms than the open air.

Besides keeping on top of your oral and medical health by keeping your toothbrush clean, you can take another step of visiting your Basildon dentist on a regular basis. Six monthly check-ups are recommended both for an oral examination and a professional clean. If you’re long overdue a dental check-up, or have concerns about your teeth, then why not make an appointment with Felmores Dental Care. We’re currently welcoming new private and NHS patients. Call us today on 01268 726789 or book online at

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