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Getting a Straighter Smile Has Never Been Easier or Faster

If you have teeth that are wonky or unevenly spaced, or if you find that your teeth don’t bite together properly then you might benefit from having orthodontic treatment. The good news is that it’s never been easier or faster to straighten up your smile, and here at Felmores Dental Care we have quite the choice of braces in Basildon to help realign your teeth, improving your appearance and quite possibly your dental health.

orthodontist-basildonSo where do you start? The best thing to do is to book an appointment with an orthodontist in Basildon to find out more about how treatment could help you and the type of problems requiring correction.

Book an Initial Consultation to Find out Much More

Our dentist will carefully examine your jaws and teeth, looking at the relationship between your upper and lower teeth to determine any bite problems. We will also check to see if your teeth are overcrowded or incorrectly spaced, or if you have any gaps in between them that could be closed up or minimised using the very latest braces. After your consultation, our Basildon dentist will sit down with you and discuss all possible options. We do allow plenty of time to explain how each brace works, what to expect during treatment and the kind of results you can reasonably achieve.

Braces That Could Help You

We have three different types of braces that might be useful for you and which include Six Months Smiles, the Inman Aligner and Fastbraces. Both Six Months Smiles and Fastbraces are fixed braces, while the Inman Aligner is removable. One thing they all have in common is that they are very discreet, making them perfect for adults with busy social lives and careers and who really don’t want to broadcast the fact that they are having teeth straightening treatment.

Fixed Braces for Fast Predictable Results

While removable braces using clear plastic aligners are very popular, sometimes fixed braces can produce better results. We have two different systems that can work extremely well. Both are very discreet, using small clear or tooth coloured brackets that are attached to extremely thin wires. The main advantage about using fixed braces is that they will be working continuously to straighten your teeth.

Using the Inman Aligner for Cosmetically Oriented Problems

The Inman Aligner is a great brace for more cosmetically oriented issues that only affect your front teeth. It can provide results within just a few months or even just a few weeks and it works by using two aligner bows, one of which will go inside your front teeth while the other is fitted on the outside. The bows are powered by nickel titanium springs to create a squeezing action on your teeth to gently but firmly realign them.

Teeth straightening in Basildon can be very affordable and may well be an investment in your dental health so why not call us today to find out how braces could help you? Just give us a call on 01268 726789 or if you prefer you can contact us through our website at

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