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Getting a Straighter Smile Could Be Quicker Than You Imagine

Who doesn’t want a straight and healthy smile? One way to achieve this is through having orthodontics in Watton where teeth are gently straightened through using braces. While the thought of a straighter smile may seem appealing, many people are put off by the time required to complete orthodontic treatment and you may remember friends wearing braces for what seemed like many months or years. Nowadays modern orthodontics is quite different and often your find your dentist in Watton can straighten your teeth for more quickly than you might have ever imagined possible. One particular system is called Fastbraces.

What is Fastbraces?

orthodontic treatmentFastbraces is a braces system that uses the very latest technology, providing patients with faster and highly predictable results. The technique used to move teeth is quicker and more comfortable than wearing traditional braces and some cosmetic cases where only the front teeth need to be moved can be completed in a matter of just weeks. More complicated cases of tooth realignment can typically be completed in months. Another great thing about this treatment is that there is generally no need to extract any healthy teeth. One of things that make it so different from more traditional braces is that the tooth and the tooth root are moved at the same time. With traditional braces, the tooth is moved first with the tooth root being moved later on, a more uncomfortable and lengthier procedure.

Fastbraces is a fixed brace system but don’t let that put you off as the brackets can be made from a clear material so they are virtually invisible. The really great thing about having fixed braces is that they are continually working to move your teeth and you’ll find your dentist in Watton will be able to plan each tooth movement extremely precisely. The fact that treatment can often be completed quite quickly means these particular braces in Watton can be a more affordable option compared to traditional fixed braces. The speed of treatment also means it’s pretty easy to maintain good dental health. Once the braces are removed you will need to wear retainers. However this is also quite different from other braces system is where you may need to wear the retainers continually for months after treatment is completed. Instead, with Fastbraces the retainers are typically worn for just 15 minutes each day. Just imagine, or you need do is wear them while you have a shower or bath and you’re done for the day so it couldn’t be simpler.

Finding out More about Orthodontics in Watton

If you are interested in finding out more about braces and how orthodontics might help you, why not give our dentist in Watton a call? A quick consultation will allow our dentist to assess your teeth and jaws so they can tell you if this treatment is suitable. They’ll also be able to answer any questions you might have and of course can tell you the price and time required to complete treatment. If you’re interested, call Clarence House Dental Care on 01953 882777 to book an appointment today.

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