Get The Love Island Look For Less

Get The Love Island Look For Less

Our expert dentist analyses Love Island’s Amy Hart’s reported 100k teeth treatment. As Amy Hart sports a new fantastic smile, our expert dentists take a closer look at what she may have had done to transform her smile. It’s time to Get The Love Island Look For Less.

Brad Hawkins, Dentist, Together Dental, said; “It has been reported that Amy Hart spent up to £100,000 on her treatments but people should know that they can achieve spectacular results at a fraction on that price. We’ve seen a huge increase in our Virtual Consultations as people take advantage of technology to kick start cosmetic dentistry treatments. The most important thing is to have a managed and affordable treatment plan which is also going to pick up any underlying health related issues that may be affecting your teeth.”

Using a virtual analysis from pictures of Amy Hart it looks as though Amy may possibly have had;

  1. Check-up
    Extensive and thorough dental check-up to spot any problems and treat any disease, decay and underlying health components which may contribute to bad teeth and gum health
  2. Hygienist
    To remove stain and improve gum health (a highly skilled job which is all done by hand right now)
  3. Tooth whitening
    There are many great options available at different price points managed by your qualified dentist of hygienist from only £27 monthly. Read a handy guide to the various teeth whitening options.
  4. Updating
    Replace old failing or ugly dental work and bringing it up to date with the newest procedures
  5. Composite bonding
    This is a non-invasive treatment to improve the shape of the teeth
  6. Veneers or crowns
    Where a tooth needs replacing then a dentist may offer veneers or crowns which are popular if needed

Brad adds; “£100, 000 is an incredible amount of money to spend on your teeth and would be out of the price range for 99% of the population. At Together Dental we can recreate the same look for a fraction of the price. No matter how bad you think your teeth might be, we have options for you!

Whether it’s simple whitening and cosmetic bonding, ranging right through to more complex options including combinations of crown veneers or implants to replace missing teeth and right up to replacing all of your teeth in one go with fixed teeth on dental implants. We have a solution for every situation and requirement.”

Our expert dentists have created 1000’s of smile makeovers. View our smile gallery to see some of our patients stories.

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