Get Rid of Your Dingy Smile with Teeth Whitening

You might have noticed that just about everybody these days seems to be sporting whiter smiles and the secret is tooth whitening. Although it’s possible to buy over-the-counter kits quite cheaply in your local chemists or online, you are far better getting your teeth professionally whitened by your dentist in Ladbroke Grove. Teeth whitening is a dental treatment and thankfully it is regulated here in the UK as only your dentist can prescribe professional strength whitening gels that will do a far better job than any do-it-yourself treatment. Even more importantly, professional tooth whitening will be completely safe as it will not damage your teeth and will not cause you any pain.

How We Can Help You

dentalcaregroup-dentist-in-ladbroke-groveWhen you visit our dentist in Ladbroke Grove, you will receive a proper check-up to make sure teeth whitening is safe and will not cause you any unwanted side effects. It is vital that we ensure you do not have any tooth decay or any other conditions such as gum disease. If the presence of disease makes it possible for the whitening gel to get inside your teeth or your gums then treatment could cause further damage and is likely to be very uncomfortable at best. During this appointment we can also assess your teeth to determine why they have become stained and to check that all of your teeth will respond well to tooth whitening. Sometimes teeth that are internally stained might need a slightly different treatment to help them whiten and tooth whitening will not change the colour of any crowns or bridges or veneers.

Power Whitening or Home Whitening?

The next step is to decide if you would like to power whiten your teeth or if you would prefer to whiten at home. Power whitening is carried out in our comfortable dental practice and takes as little as an hour to brighten your smile by several shades. Here a Ladbroke Grove Dental Care, we use Zoom whitening which is widely used world-wide and it delivers very safe and predictable results using the highest quality whitening gels. Power whitening is perfect if you want to whiten your teeth as quickly as possible and can’t wait to see the results.

Home whitening takes a little longer but can be a better solution for some people. Our personalised home whitening kits include custom-made whitening trays. These are made from lightweight plastic and will fit comfortably over your teeth ensuring that the whitening gel cannot leak out. Our dentist in Ladbroke Grove can prescribe an extremely safe form of whitening gel and the strength is customised to suit your needs. For example if you have teeth that are a bit sensitive, we might recommend using a lower strength gel and spending a little longer slowly whitening your teeth. You will still achieve great results while minimising any tooth sensitivity.

Both these methods are excellent ways to whiten your teeth and afterwards we can provide you with lots of advice on how to make the results last as long as possible. Simple tips such as avoiding highly coloured foods and maybe quitting smoking can all help prolong the effects of whitening. When the time comes, we can provide you with top up treatments so you will never have to have a dingy smile again. Contact us on 020 7727 9836 if you would like to whiten your teeth this spring.

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