Get a Straighter Smile in As Little As Six Months

A straighter smile can undoubtedly look more attractive, but who wants to spend many months or even a year or more wearing braces in Southend? The good news is that often you don’t need to spend very long straightening up your smile as over the past few years orthodontic technologies have become increasingly sophisticated. Often our dentist in Southend will be able to correct the position of your teeth in just a few months using the very latest and most discreet braces. One possible option is called Six Months Smiles which as you might have guessed has an average treatment time of just six months.

straighter-smileWhat Is Six Months Smiles?

Six Months Smiles is a fixed brace so in that way it is quite traditional but the brace itself relies on updated technologies. The thing that makes Six Months Smiles so different is the use of its specially designed brackets. These are Lucid-Lok clear brackets so they are extremely discreet and the brackets are attached to thin tooth coloured wires. The overall effect is virtually invisible. The brackets are designed to use low forces to correct the position of your teeth in a way that is more comfortable and extremely safe, making treatment much more pleasant while still being very effective. The brace brackets are attached to your teeth through the use of special patient tray kits. This ensures they are placed in exactly the right positions while keeping your appointments short and comfortable. Six Month Smiles combines the best of both worlds, so you get all the advantages of braces that are virtually invisible, while having fixed braces provides a high degree of precision so you can get great results.

What Kind of Orthodontic Problems Can Be Treated with Six Months Smiles?

Six Months Smiles is great for treating problems with overcrowded or crooked teeth, or for closing up unwanted spaces in between your teeth. It can also help to realign teeth in a way that is comfortable and fast. To find out if Six Months Smiles could help you, the best thing to do is to have a consultation with our dentist in Southend. They will need to carefully assess your crooked teeth in Southend to determine the problems that require correction. Afterwards they can talk to you about possible treatments that could help. Six Months Smiles is a more cosmetically oriented brace which means it concentrates on straightening the teeth that you can see whenever you smile or talk and it won’t necessarily be right for correcting more complicated orthodontic problems. This is why it is able to provide results so quickly.

Southend Dental Care has a range of braces so if Six Months Smiles isn’t quite suitable then we are bound to have another teeth straightening option that could help you. Our choices include fixed and removable braces in Southend and each option is designed to work slightly differently.

To find out more about teeth straightening in Southend then why not give us a call on 01702 465000? You will also find lots more information about all our braces on our website at

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