Fill The Gap With Dental Implants

Fill The Gap With Dental Implants. You never fully appreciate how important it is to have a complete set of healthy teeth until you start to lose them. When you start to lose your teeth, whether that is due to decay or injury, it can be embarrassing and uncomfortable. Losing teeth can cause you to become self-conscious and embarrassed to smile. At Dental Care Group’s clinic in Clacton, dental implants are one of the many services we offer.

Dental implants are an artificial replacement of a tooth’s root. The implants are fitted directly into the jawbone and hold false teeth or crowns in place. Much like natural roots, the implants are there to support the tooth. Providing you maintain a good level of oral hygiene and continue to attend for regular check-ups of your dental implants in Clacton, they should last many years.

Unlike removable dentures which have a plastic or metal framework, false teeth that are fitted to an implant are much more stable and comfortable. We understand it can so be daunting and nerve-wracking to undergo dental treatment that you may even consider putting it off altogether. We provide a relaxed and comprehensive service for dental implants in Clacton to reassure and calm you.

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From the moment you walk into our modern and bright practice you will be greeted by our friendly staff. You will then have a consultation with a highly-qualified dentist, who will discuss with you the treatments available. A treatment plan will be formulated and this is a great time to ask any questions. We will also inform you of the cost of treatment. We offer various types of payment including finance options.

We pride ourselves on our exceptional customer care, and we aim to give you highly skilled treatment at the most reasonable and affordable cost. We will assess each individual patient for dental implants and ensure that it is the safest and most suitable option. Providing that you have healthy gums and a strong jaw line your dentist will start dental implant treatment. Some medical conditions can affect how implants work and you dentist may recommend an alternative treatment.

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