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Fed Up With Crooked Teeth? We Have the Solution

No Longer Just for Children and Teenagers

In the past the use of orthodontics in South Benfleet tended to be confined to children and teenagers but these days you’re far more likely to hear of adults having this treatment. If you think that means seeing people wearing highly visible ‘train tracks’ then you’d be mistaken as modern teeth straightening in South Benfleet can often use the very latest and nearly invisible braces, some of which are even removable. It’s easy to see the advantages for adults as there is no need to be concerned or embarrassed that you are straightening your teeth as today’s braces are easy to cope with and create minimal disruption to everyday life.

orthodontics in South Benfleet1It’s Never Too Late to Straighten Your Teeth

Regardless of age, it’s never too late to straighten your teeth as the only requirement for treatment is that your teeth are healthy and strong. So what type of braces can be used in today’s orthodontics in South Benfleet? This all depends on the problems that require treatment. Quite a few adults will have had orthodontics as a child but may have failed to wear their retainer and have seen their teeth move and shift position with age. In this case it may be possible to straighten them once again with the use of what’s called a cosmetic brace that concentrates on straightening just the front teeth and is ideal for very minor cases of misalignment. Often this type of brace can be fully removable which makes it super simple to use. The brace can be taken out for cleaning and during brushing and flossing and when eating so there’s no need to avoid any hard or sticky foods during treatment.

Nearly Invisible Fixed Braces for Precise Tooth Movements

For teeth that are more substantially out of position and that do not occlude or bite together correctly, the use of fixed braces may be recommended. This doesn’t mean that they will be visible and unsightly as modern fixed braces often have clear ceramic brackets attached to extremely thin and nearly invisible wires. The huge advantage in having fixed braces is that they will be working continually to correct your teeth and the tooth movements can be far more accurate as your orthodontist in South Benfleet will precisely position the brackets to gently but firmly move your teeth. The very latest braces can move both the tooth and the tooth root at the same time so treatment can be extremely quick yet comfortable.

Interested? Contact Us to Find Out More

There is a huge range of different braces that can be used to correct your teeth so if you’re interested in finding out more it’s best to book a consultation with our orthodontist in South Benfleet. Just call South Benfleet Dental Care on 01268 793485 to schedule your appointment and take the first step towards having a straighter smile.

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