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Facial aesthetics at your local dentist

Facial aesthetics at your local dentist

Here at Together Dental we offer facial rejuvenation treatments to those looking for soft and subtle improvements to help them achieve a more youthful look. Over time muscles in our face tighten and cause lines on our face. The most common areas where wrinkles form are around the eyes, forehead and between the eyebrows. Though growing old is a part of life, we understand the desire to treat these lines.

Treatments are carried out by our highly experienced team and the benefit of having this treatment done by dentists is that they have a thorough knowledge and understanding of facial anatomy and can perform this delicate work in a precise and safe manner. We sat down with one of our facial aesthetics dentists to find out more.

Meet Dr Amy Lei-Plant, a Together Dental dentist and facial aesthetics specialist who explains the kinds of expertly delivered aesthetic treatments that you can have in some of our Together Dental practices.

She says; “Most people don’t realise the breadth of treatments that they can have done at the dentist.” She also explains why the rigorous medical training that dentists go through makes them well placed for safe and very high quality results.


Find out more about our facial aesthetics treatments. 

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