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Exploring The Benefits Of Conscious Sedation

As a Southend dentist we often use conscious sedation to help patients feel relaxed and comfortable during their treatment. Indeed for some patients it’s the only way they can receive the dental care they need to improve their oral health.

What is sedation dentistry?

Sedation dentistryIt’s the use of sedation drugs to put patients into a relaxed state while their dentist carries out their treatment. By being sedated the patient feels less anxiety and stress and often recalls little, if anything, of what went on in the dental chair, making a dental appointment far less of an unpleasant experience, especially in the case of invasive treatments such as dental implants in Southend. At the same time, the dentist can also concentrate better on the dental procedure since the sedation makes the patient fully co-operative.

Other benefits include:

  • ComfortSedation dentistry offers an increased level of comfort for anyone who is about to have dental treatment. Patients who suffer from TMJ problems or sore jaws, or who struggle to keep their mouth wide open will feel more comfortable with dental sedation. In fact, after a lengthy treatment patients tend to feel less tired. Some forms of dental sedation such as nitrous oxide are also known to increase a person’s pain threshold so that in some cases they need little, if any, local anaesthetic.
  • Fewer appointments – Sedation treatments allows patients to endure longer appointments without feeling exhausted or experiencing the discomfort of having their mouth open wide for a long period of time. Your dentist in Southend is also able to work easier since complex or multiple treatments can be completed in fewer appointments, or even in one single visit, which of great benefit to patients with busy schedules.
  • Better quality of treatment – Many dentists say that they can perform a better quality of dental care when the patient is under sedation. With a relaxed patient the dentist can concentrate on precision and accuracy without worrying about patient movement or gagging, and having to slow down because the patient is feeling discomfort or speed up because the patient is getting tired.
  • Saves money – Although there is an added cost for dental sedation, strange as it sounds you can actually save money. If it enables your dentist to complete your treatment in fewer appointments then the savings in operational costs by the dental clinic can mean that patient fees are reduced. In essence you could save more by paying for a dental visit and sedation than you might for more visits and no sedation. Plus, of course, there’s also the cost of your time to be considered.

If you’re interested to learn more about sedation methods and how they could help you then why not get in touch with Southend Dental Care. Our patients find they no longer have to miss regular check-ups or put of having dental treatment which they once feared, because of the benefits of sedation. If you’ve been putting off dental treatment then we can help. Call us today on 01702 465000 for a consultation or book online via our website at We’re an evening and weekend dentist, happy to fit in with your schedule.

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