Expecting A Baby – Did You Know You Can Get Free NHS Dental Treatment?

Pregnancy is an exciting time and it’s easy to get so wrapped up in making plans for your new arrival that one of the last things on your mind is probably your oral health. However, it’s really important to pay attention to your oral heath when you’re pregnant since changes with your hormones can play havoc with your dental health and cause your gums to redden, feel sore, and even bleed when you brush your teeth. Another problem is tooth erosion which can be caused by over exposure to acid resulting from morning sickness. The good news is that you can receive free dental care from your NHS dentist in North Harrow provided that you’re already pregnant when you’re accepted for the treatment.

nhs dentist in North HarrowTo get free NHS dental treatment you need to have:

  • A MATB1 certificate from your GP or midwife
  • A valid MatEx or prescription maternity exemption certificate

How to apply for a maternity Exemption Certificate

You can apply for a MatEx certificate by filling in an application form FW8 which is available from either your health visitor, GP, or midwife. You’ll also need to get them to sign the completed form.

The certificate is valid from one month before the date that the application was received and lasts until

  • 12 months after the expected date of your baby’s birth
  • or if the baby has already been born, 12 months after their date of birth

Once your baby has been born

Free NHS treatment for 12 months after the birth of your baby is available to you provided you can provide:

  • Your baby’s birth certificate
  • A ‘Notification of Birth’ form which the midwife who delivers your baby can supply you with
  • A valid MatEx certificate

In the unfortunate event that your baby is stillborn or you lose your baby after the 24th week of pregnancy, then you’re still entitled to free dental care from your NHS dentist in North Harrow. You will however need to provide a stillbirth certificate which you can get from your local registrar of births, marriages and deaths, to prove your entitlement.

If you’re pregnant then we recommend you visit your dentist in North Harrow for a thorough check-up so we can help towards you having a healthy and happy pregnancy. Here at Imperial Dental Care we’re an NHS dentist in North Harrow committed to the best possible patient care. Call us today on 020 8427 2264 to make an appointment or book online. We look forward to seeing you.

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