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Embarrassed about Missing Teeth? We Have Several Great Solutions

Tooth loss is a common problem but that doesn’t prevent a sense of embarrassment if you are affected. Here at Ladbroke Grove Dental Care we see lots of people who have put up with missing teeth for years, along with the loss of confidence and self-esteem that often accompanies this issue. They are often amazed to find out there are ways to replace missing teeth and which can provide a long-term solution.

Treatments That Can Help

dental implants in Ladbroke GroveIf you are missing just one or only a few teeth then solutions that can help include partial dentures, dental bridge and dental implants. A partial denture is the least invasive and most cost-effective option but it will be removable which we know will bother some people who do not like the idea of taking out their teeth at night. A dental bridge is supported by existing natural teeth and can only be removed by your dentist in Ladbroke Grove. This is a good solution, provided the teeth adjacent to the gap are strong and healthy. Your third option is to consider dental implants in Ladbroke Grove. These are the most technologically advanced way to replace missing teeth and are also the most long-lasting choice.

Why Dental Implants?

When you lose a tooth the entire tooth, including the tooth root is removed. Other options for replacing missing teeth will only replace the crown of the tooth, or the part that is visible in the mouth, but with a dental implant you will effectively be replacing the root of the tooth with a titanium implant post. By artificially restoring your tooth root, you will be protecting your jaw bone. The implant post is specially treated to help encourage your own bone to grow on and around it which helps to hold it firmly in place. Once the post has integrated with your jawbone it will be strong enough to support your new tooth, or you can use multiple dental implants to support a bridge. If you have lost all your natural teeth then dental implants can be a wonderful way to get rid of those loose and ill-fitting full dentures that are so uncomfortable to wear.

How Can Dental Implants Help Full Denture Wearers?

We think using dental implants in Ladbroke Grove to secure or even replace full dentures is an amazing use of this technology and have seen how enormously beneficial it can be for our patients. Often just a few dental implants are all that is needed to hold a loose lower denture in place, while upper dentures may require a couple more implants to make sure they are secure. This does make treatment affordable and the benefits are easy to imagine. They include the ability to eat and talk without any concerns that your dentures will move about and this can greatly improve quality of life. If you choose, you can get rid of your dentures completely and replace them with a beautiful arch of teeth that will be permanently attached to your dental implants. You won’t need to take your teeth out at night and can enjoy the sensation of having natural feeling teeth once more.

If you are interested in dental implants in Ladbroke Grove, we suggest booking an initial consultation to find out more. Call us today on 020 7727 9836.

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