Easy Ways Cosmetic Dentistry Could Help Improve Your Smile

People often think cosmetic dentistry in Harrow will be too expensive, too complicated or is not for them. However this often isn’t the case and here at Imperial Dental Care we have a huge range of cosmetic dentistry treatments, many of which can easily and affordably improve the appearance of your smile. While we do complete complex smile makeovers and smile rehabilitations for people who want to make significant changes to the appearance of their teeth or who have multiple missing teeth, we also carry out much more straightforward cosmetic dental procedures. These are designed to help people who only want to make minor changes to their teeth and who do not have any real problems that require extensive dental treatment.

How We Can Help You

cosmetic dentistry in HarrowSometimes improving a smile can be a simple matter of making it appear brighter and whiter without making any significant changes to the shape or appearance of teeth. In this case something as straightforward as a professional tooth whitening treatment could make a huge difference.

Get a Brighter Whiter Smile in As Little As an Hour

Our dental practice is able to offer patients two different types of teeth whitening treatments which include power whitening in our dental chair, or customised home whitening kits for those who would prefer to whiten more slowly in the privacy of their own home. Our power whitening treatments can produce wonderful results in as soon as an hour and this can be a brilliant choice if you need to look your best for a special event that is coming up soon. Our customised home whitening kits can be very good for people who have issues with tooth sensitivity as our dentist in Harrow will be able to prescribe a lower strength whitening gel so you can whiten a little more slowly and more comfortably over the course of two or three weeks.

Wave Goodbye to Your Old and Stained Fillings

Other treatments that can help significantly include renewing old and stained fillings with our beautiful tooth coloured fillings. This can be a huge improvement if you currently have any older style silver amalgam fillings and it might be that these fillings could do with being renewed in any case. We can safely remove the amalgam and will make sure it is disposed of correctly before placing tooth coloured fillings that will blend in beautifully with your natural teeth, eliminating darker areas that can be caused by stained amalgams.

Cover-Up Chipped or Cracked Teeth with Our Gorgeous Porcelain Veneers

If you are looking to make a more significant change then think about having porcelain veneers. These can easily cover up teeth that are deeply stained and cannot be bleached or which are perhaps oddly shaped, too small or slightly crooked. They are also great for closing up or minimising spaces in between teeth.

The options for cosmetic dentistry in Harrow are enormous but you will find our dentist can carefully assess your smile and will help you make the right choice to get the results you desire. If you are interested in taking the first step towards improving your smile, please call us on 020 8427 2264 to book your initial consultation.

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