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Don’t Put Up With Loose Dentures: Ask Us About Dental Implants

Dentures are still a very popular way to replace missing teeth as they are affordable and treatment is non-invasive, but they are by no means perfect. One of the main problems with full or complete dentures is that they can initially fit quite well and will be reasonably comfortable to wear, but as the years go on they can become increasing loose, uncomfortable and ill-fitting. For some people the solution might be to ask their dentist in Downham Market to make them a new set of dentures or to have the old set re-lined but often the problem will be more fundamental.

You Jawbone Changes Shape Once Teeth are Removed

dental implants in Downham MarketThis is the main issue with wearing dentures as your jawbone gradually loses bone once your natural teeth are removed. The loss of bone greatly affects retention as the ridge that used to support your teeth becomes narrower and flatter and is a particular problem for lower denture wearers. It tends not to affect upper denture wearers quite so much as the denture covers the upper palate which provides a lot of additional retention.

Dental Implants Help Preserve Your Jawbone

The great thing about dental implants is that they help to preserve your jawbone, preventing bone loss around the area where the implant is inserted. It’s the nearest thing to having a natural tooth root back in your jaw.

It Could Take Just A Few Dental Implants to Stabilise Your Denture

Many people think dental implants in Downham Market are going to be very expensive, but the reality can be quite different. Lower dentures could be held in position with as few as four dental implants so treatment is really quite affordable and can make a huge difference to overall quality of life. Imagine being able to talk to other people without fear of your dentures moving around and being able to eat comfortably and to enjoy a greater variety of foods. Another thing to bear in mind about this treatment is that often it’s possible to use a particular technique that maximises the use of available jawbone. This means you’re less likely to require a bone graft to build up bone that may have been reabsorbed. The implants tend to be inserted towards the front of the mouth where the jawbone is thicker and stronger.

Suitable for Both Upper and Lower Dentures

Although this treatment is most often used to hold lower dentures in position, it’s also great for stabilising upper dentures. One of the really nice things about using implants in this way is it your denture will be remade in a horseshoe shape so it will feel far less bulky and more comfortable to wear and food will taste better as all the taste buds in your upper palate will finally be uncovered.

While dental implants can be used to stabilise dentures, you can choose to replace your dentures completely with a fixed bridge. This type of treatment does require a greater number of implants but will mean your teeth are permanently fixed in position.

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