Don’t Let Your Toothache Turn into an Emergency

Have you noticed how toothache never seems to happen at a convenient time and it can be tricky trying to get hold of a good emergency dentist in Harrow. If you do have any symptoms of toothache then prompt action is always advisable and you will find that Imperial Dental Care offers extremely convenient opening hours, including Saturdays. We always do our best to seek dental emergencies as soon as possible.

What Can Cause Toothache?

emergency dentist in HarrowToothache in Harrow can be caused by a number of different reasons but it is often due to a tooth becoming infected. Infection is caused when the outer layer of tooth enamel that protects the tooth is somehow breached. This can happen in a variety of ways. For example if you have a cracked tooth then biting down on the tooth will open up the crack, allowing bacteria to get into the central part of the tooth. The same thing can happen if you have a tooth that is chipped or which has a cavity that requires filling. If you have a leaky or crumbling filling then bacteria can also enter into your tooth.

When bacteria get into the tooth they can quickly eat away the softer layer of dentine which is just underneath the tooth enamel. Eventually the bacteria will get right to the central part of your tooth called the pulp and this contains all the nerves, which is why an infected tooth is so painful. Common symptoms include noticing your tooth feels painful whenever you bite or chew or it may have a dull, continuous ache. If this sounds familiar then it’s important to get your Harrow dentist to look at it as soon as you can as there is always a reason for dental pain and the sooner we are able to treat it, the more successful the outcome.

Treating Toothache

When you visit our dentist in Harrow, we can soon diagnose the reason for your toothache. We will carefully examine your tooth and are likely to want to take digital dental x-rays which will show us the tooth root as well as the surrounding bone so we can see the extent of any infection. Once we have all this information we can suggest the most appropriate treatment. It might be that all is required is to replace an old filling, but if the infection has reached the pulp then you will need root canal therapy. The good news about having root canal therapy is that it should be no worse than having a filling and afterwards the tooth should feel much more comfortable and you won’t have any more pain.

In fact root canal treatment is excellent for saving infected teeth and before it was originally developed then your Harrow dentist would have had no other option but to extract the tooth. Nowadays we can generally avoid this provided the tooth infection hasn’t spread. If the tooth is abscessed then it may be more difficult to save. Tooth extraction is always our last possible choice which is why we always urge our patients to act on any symptoms like toothache and to come to see us as soon as possible.

If you do have toothache in Harrow please contact us as soon as possible so we can arrange an emergency appointment for you. We will do everything we can to see one the same day to relieve your pain so give us a call on 020 8427 2264 and let us help you.

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