Do You Wish Your Dentures Would Stay In Place?

Do You Wish Your Dentures Would Stay In Place? Although modern day dentures are a far cry from the regimented rows of plastic teeth which our grandparents may have worn, they still have their shortcomings. For many people this is comfort, or lack of it, and the fact that their dentures gradually lose their fit and being to slip and slide just when they’re trying to eat or speak. Thankfully, we have a solution in the way of dental implants. In Clacton, our skilled implant dentists are able to secure dentures with just a few dental implants.

What happens when a tooth is lost

In order to understand why your once snug fitting dentures start to lose their fit, you need to know what happens when teeth are extracted. The action of chewing stimulates the gum keeping it healthy and encouraging growth. As soon as a tooth is removed, then because the tooth root is no longer there to stimulate the surrounding bone and soft tissue, the body thinks that there is no further need for the bone, and gradually absorbs it back into the body. Dentures simply rest on the bony ridge which once contained teeth, and over time, as the jaw starts to change shape because of bone loss, then so the dentures lose their fit.

Denture stabilisation

Dental implants in Clacton can be used to retain both upper and lower dentures and require as few as 4 implants to secure them in place. Sometimes a patient’s existing dentures can be modified other times a specialist denture will be fabricated. They offer patients many benefits including:

  • They stay in place when you talk and eat and you’ll be able to eat a far wider range of foods.
  • They are more comfortable and smaller than traditional dentures and since the palate is left clear, your food will seem tastier and you’ll get more enjoyment from eating.
  • The implants put a halt to bone loss so facial structures are preserved
  • Cleaning is easy and just requires the dentures to be ‘snapped’ off and then ‘snapped’ back on.
  • There’s no need to soak dentures in a glass overnight and no need for adhesives to keep them in place.
  • They offer a long lasting solution provided you give the correct care to your implants

If you’re embarrassed by your ill-fitting dentures and struggling to get to grips with them, then why not get in touch with Clacton Dental Care. We’re a dentist in Clacton who offers general and cosmetic dentistry. Call us today on 01255 221001.

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