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Do You Have Toothache? Please Don’t Ignore it

Did you wake up with toothache this morning? If so we have some very good reasons as to why you shouldn’t ignore it. Often toothache in Downham Market will require some sort of treatment from your dentist. It is possible that toothache can be caused by having a piece of food trapped in between your teeth, so first try gently flossing around the tooth in case this is the problem. Otherwise you may need to seek professional dental care.

toothache in Downham MarketTooth decay is one of the main causes of toothache and is due to bacteria in your mouth. These bacteria thrive on the starches and sugars in foods you eat, gradually forming a sticky, colourless layer of plaque over your tooth surfaces. Unfortunately the bacteria in plaque produce acid that will gradually erode the hard tooth enamel covering your tooth surfaces. Eventually this results in a cavity. One of the first signs of tooth decay is noticing your tooth feels a bit more sensitive whenever you eat something hot or cold or anything very sweet.

Other causes of tooth decay include:

  • Having a fractured tooth
  • Leaky or crumbling fillings
  • Untreated tooth grinding or clenching
  • Having infected gums
  • Dental abscess

The pain caused by toothache can vary from a dull throbbing sensation to a sharp pain that may only be felt when you try to bite or chew on the tooth. You may notice the gums around the tooth begin to look swollen or that you have a very unpleasant taste in your mouth. If the tooth is very badly infected then it can cause fever or headaches.

Please contact Downham Market Dental Care if your toothache lasts for longer than a day or two or is particularly severe, or if it is accompanied by fever, or if you feel pain when you try to open your mouth. The sooner you seek professional help the better as this will prevent the spread of infection to other parts of the face or possibly even your bloodstream. In addition, early treatment greatly improves the chances of treating and saving a badly infected tooth, and of course means that you will no longer be in any pain.

What Is the Treatment for Toothache?

One of our dentists in Downham Market will gently examine your tooth for any visible signs of decay. We might also need to take dental x-rays to see the extent of the infection. From there we can decide on the best course of treatment. Hopefully it will simply be a matter of repairing a cavity with a filling but if the infection has spread into the centre of the tooth or into the tooth roots then we will need to clean out this area and you will require a root canal treatment. This is a comfortable procedure that should feel no worse than a filling and we can guarantee you’ll feel much better afterwards. Afterwards the tooth can be restored with either a filling or possibly with a crown that covers up the entire tooth and protects it against further infection.

If you require an emergency dentist in Downham Market, please contact us on 01366 382265. Our practice offers same-day treatment for toothache.

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