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Do You Have Bad Breath? Let Us Help You

Have you noticed people pulling back when you talk to them or maybe you have a persistently funny taste in your mouth? It’s just possible you may have bad breath or halitosis. It is an embarrassing problem that can be difficult for even your closest friends to discuss. If you do suspect you have halitosis then it’s a great time to book an appointment to see our dentist in Basildon as it’s just possible you could have an untreated dental problem such as tooth decay that requires attention.

bad-breathWhat Causes Bad Breath?

Everyone suffers from bad breath occasionally, usually due to eating strong foods such as garlic or onions and in this case there is little you can do except wait it out until the food has been eliminated from your body. More persistent bad breath can be a cause for concern and may be due to poor oral hygiene.

If you fail to brush and floss your teeth then food particles can remain trapped in between your teeth, promoting the growth of bacteria, while the food itself will gradually rot and cause noxious odours. It’s also possible for bacteria to grow on your tongue. Lifestyle habits such as smoking or chewing tobacco can also cause bad breath and the chemicals in tobacco-based products can irritate your gums, increasing your risk of gum disease.

A persistently bad taste in your mouth could be a warning sign that you have gum disease. This is caused by plaque bacteria building up on your teeth which produce toxins that irritate your gums. Without correct treatment, gum disease can damage your gums and your jawbone and may ultimately lead to tooth loss.

Halitosis can also be due to ill-fitting dental appliances that can easily trap bacteria. Another condition that can cause halitosis is called dry mouth or xerostomia. Insufficient saliva in the mouth can promote the growth of bacteria, as saliva is instrumental in washing away dead skin cells, neutralising acids produced by plaque and washing away excess food particles. Certain medications can cause dry mouth. There are a number of illnesses and diseases that may cause bad breath which includes pneumonia, chronic sinus infections, diabetes and acid reflux to name just a few.

How We Can Help

When you come in to see us, our dentist in Basildon can soon diagnose any dental problems before offering you the correct treatment to help restore dental health and fresh breath. We can also give you lots of advice on oral care at home, including practical information on how to improve your brushing and flossing techniques. Quite often just using a slightly different technique or perhaps a different tool for flossing can make all the difference.

If we can’t find anything wrong, we may suggest you go and visit your GP just in case your bad breath is being caused by some underlying medical condition that requires treatment.

Maintaining Fresh Breath

Once you have fresh breath you can maintain it by seeing our Basildon dentist at regular intervals for check-ups and seeing our hygienist will keep your teeth free from tartar. Make sure you follow a good daily oral hygiene routine and keep sugary foods and drinks to a minimum.

If you think you might have halitosis or are overdue for a check-up, please contact Felmores Dental Care on 01268 726789 to book an appointment with our friendly dental team.

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