Do I Need A Bone Graft Before I Can Have Dental Implants?

Do I Need A Bone Graft Before I Can Have Dental Implants?

For many people considering dental implants in Clacton the thought of surgery can be daunting in itself and to be told that they also need a bone graft only adds to their consternation. However, the reality is that a bone graft is a very common procedure and not something to be feared at all.

Why a bone graft may be necessary

To understand why a bone graft may be necessary we need to look at what happens when a tooth is falls out or is extracted. A tooth is held in place inside the mouth by bone and soft tissue. This is stimulated and kept healthy by the tooth root as you bite and chew your food.

Once a tooth is missing, then there is nothing left to stimulate the bone that held the tooth in place and as a result it starts to resorb into the body. Consequently the patient is left with thin bone in that region. In fact, this is what causes a person’s facial structures to sag and for hollows to appear in the face, often making them look much older than they really are.

Dental implants are made up of three components: a titanium post, an abutment, and a prosthetic crown. The metal post is placed inside the socket with the aim of it fusing or Osseo integrating with the surrounding bone, so that it is strong enough to support the prosthetic tooth which will be placed on top of it.

This biological action is crucial to the success of the dental implant as it gives the implant its stability and strength. Thus it’s of paramount importance to ensure that there is sufficient volume of bone both in depth, height, and width in which to place the implant.

Generally speaking a single implant needs a minimum of 1mm of bone around it. More space is required if the implant is to be placed next to another tooth or implant and so it could be that up to 3mm of bone is necessary in those instances. If there isn’t enough bone to envelop the implant then a bone graft will be needed.

A surgeon needs to take care however that the implant isn’t placed so deep that it comes into contract with other anatomical structures such as the sinus in the upper jaw or the nerves in the lower jaw. Often when placing implants in the upper jaw there isn’t sufficient space vertically and a procedure known as a sinus lift or bone augmentation may be needed to grow more bone.

Timing of the bone graft

Depending on each individual’s situation, the bone graft can sometimes be placed at the same time as the implant, saving treatment time, but this isn’t always possible. If the bone graft has to be placed before the implant then you’ll need to factor in an extra period of healing time before the implant can be placed. However, if it is left too long before the implant is placed, then resorption can start to occur one more, so timing is crucial.

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