Did You Wake up with an Aching Jaw This Morning? Let Us Help You

Did you wake up with jaw ache this morning or perhaps a chronic headache that is difficult to get rid of? It’s just possible you may have problems with your jaw joints which are called your temporomandibular joints. You have two jaw joints, one on either side of your face and which hinge your lower jaw allowing it to move freely so you can eat, talk and yawn. Your jaw joints are attached to lots of different muscles which can become inflamed and sore if your temporomandibular joints cannot move properly or have come under significant stress. This is called temporomandibular disorder or TMD or sometimes TMJ. So what can cause this problem?

jaw-problemProblems That Can Cause Temporomandibular Disorder

There are a number of different reasons why your jaw joints and the muscles attached to them may become sore and inflamed. If your teeth are misaligned then they will not bite together correctly. This places stress on your jaw joints which in turn can cause pain. The same problem can arise if you have poorly fitting dental appliances such as an old bridge or crown, or perhaps dentures that could really do with renewing. Another common cause of TMD is called bruxism which is where you clench and grind your teeth together during the night. Bruxism is quite a common problem and because it is nocturnal it can sometimes go undiagnosed until you visit a dentist in Harrow.

Symptoms of TMD

As well as jaw pain, you may experience pain that extends down your neck and into your shoulders. TMD can cause debilitating headaches and you might notice that your jaws make a popping or clicking sound when you try to move them. The stresses caused by TMD can also significantly damage your teeth and gums and in the worst case may lead to tooth loss.

Getting a Diagnosis and Treatment

If you woke up with an aching jaw or suspect you might have bruxism, it’s worth making an appointment to come and see our dentist in Harrow. They will gently examine your teeth and gums as well as your jaw joints and can soon determine if you have TMD. It is important to take action and to get a proper diagnosis as soon as you can to help limit the damage to your jaw joints and to your teeth.

Treatment will depend on the diagnosis as if your teeth are significantly misaligned then you might benefit from teeth straightening in Harrow. Sometimes this might not be necessary and it could be possible to adjust your bite or any fillings that are a bit too high to get your teeth to fit together properly. Other things that can help include renewing old dental restorations that may not fit very well and we can also provide treatment to repair any damage caused to your teeth and gums.

If your TMD is caused by bruxism then this is often easily treated by providing you with a custom-made night splint. This is made from hard plastic and generally fits over your upper teeth, putting your teeth and jaws into a position where they are more relaxed and cannot bite together.

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