Did You Know Your Dental Health is connected to Your General Health?

Years ago no one ever thought there was much the connection between having a healthy mouth and a healthy body, but since that time there have been numerous clinical studies that have shown looking after your teeth and gums could be more important than you’d imagine. In fact there is a close connection between having good oral health and a good overall health and the condition of your mouth can affect your body.

How Poor Oral Health Affects Your General Health

dentist in Ladbroke GroveYour mouth is not exactly a sterile environment as it is full of bacteria, most of which are harmless. Problems can begin when bacteria are allowed to build up to unmanageable numbers on your teeth and gums, and these bacteria produce toxins that will gradually begin to infect your gums. Your immune system will fight back, resulting in the gums becoming inflamed. Unless this infection, called gum disease or periodontal disease is brought under control, the inflammation will continue. The problem with inflammation is that it releases chemicals that will begin to destroy the gums and the bone structure surrounding your teeth.

One of the first signs of periodontal disease can be bleeding gums, but this is called a silent disease for a reason and often early symptoms can go unnoticed. Unfortunately as the disease progresses and begins to destroy the gum tissue, it does allow bacteria in the mouth to get in to the bloodstream. Once they are in your bloodstream, they can basically get anywhere in the body. As a result this can exacerbate any health conditions you may already have or could increase your risk of developing health problems. One of the strongest links is between periodontal disease and diabetes.

Taking a Closer Look at Periodontal Disease and Diabetes

One of the major problems with periodontal disease is that it can affect the body’s ability to control blood sugar. As bacteria get into the bloodstream, it makes it more difficult for a diabetic to control their blood sugar levels. Conversely, diabetics are also more at risk of developing periodontal disease as they are more likely to have glucose in their saliva, providing an easy food source for the bacteria that cause periodontal disease. Periodontal disease also affects the body’s ability to utilise insulin.

The connection between periodontal disease and diabetes is just one example of how poor oral health can affect your overall health. Periodontal disease has also been linked to heart disease, rheumatoid arthritis and even low birth weight and premature babies. The connection seems to be due to the way inflammation affects the body but as yet scientists aren’t quite sure of the exact links.

Preventative Dentistry with Your Dentist in Ladbroke Grove

The good news is that even though periodontal disease is very common, there is no reason why you should develop it, provided you to look after your teeth and gums. Good preventative dentistry is straightforward and is much more cost-effective than waiting for dental problems to develop. Your dentist in Ladbroke Grove can help you gain and maintain a healthy mouth so you can hopefully enjoy a good dental health and good overall health for many years to come.

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