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Did You Know That You Can ‘Catch A Cavity’?

Everyone knows that you can catch a cold from someone who’s coughing and sneezing around you, but we bet you didn’t know that bacteria from cavities can also be passed on from one person to another!

Bacteria are the prime cause of cavities

dentist in SouthendAlthough your dentist in Southend may have told you that sugary foods and drink are to blame for cavities, the main culprits which cause cavities are the bacteria that like to feast on the food particles left behind from your lunch time snack, or evening take-away. It’s bacteria such as streptococcus sobrinus and streptococcus mutans that adhere to the teeth and eat the food particles which produces acids that threaten the health of our gums and causes tooth decay; and guess what? Just like the bacteria which causes colds, cavity bacteria enjoy travelling too.

Moves from one person to another

Whether it’s by kissing a loved one or sharing a drink, the bacteria which cause cavities can be transmitted from one person to another in the same way as other bacterial infections.

Not only have studies shown that this is possible, but it’s also far more common than we may think.

One of the most common ways that cavity causing bacteria is spread is from a parent to their child. The bacteria is passed by either parent tasting their child’s food to ensure that it’s not too hot, or by ‘cleaning’ their dummy by sucking on it before giving it to the child.

Steps to prevent the transmission of bacteria

As much as we’re happy to place dental implants in Southend patients who have lost their teeth due to severe decay, we’d far rather patients took steps to prevent the passing of cavity causing bacteria to another unsuspecting person. Steps they can take include:

  • Brushing and flossing their teeth on a daily basis
  • Chewing sugar free chewing gum after meals to help produce more saliva, which is nature’s way of rinsing bacteria and food particles from teeth
  • Being aware of the risks of sharing drinks and eating utensils

No-one wants to ‘catch a cavity’ and here at Southend Dental Care we’re committed to providing our patients with all the information they need to keep their mouths and smile healthy. If you need help with your oral hygiene or indeed have untreated dental decay, then we can help. Why not make a check-up appointment by calling us direct on 01702 465000 or book online at We’re an NHS dentist in Southend that is currently taking new patients, and we’d love to hear from you.

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