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Did You Know Dental Implants Can Hold Your Dentures In Place?

As a dentist in North Harrow we have many patients come through our doors that are denture wearers. Although on the whole most of them are satisfied with the way that their dentures look, many of them complain that they get loose and start to slip in their mouth, making it difficult to eat and causing them embarrassment if they are out in public.

dental implants in North HarrowTo understand why dentures lose their grip it’s necessary to understand what happens when teeth are lost or extracted. Teeth are held in place by roots which are firmly embedded in bone and soft tissue. When the teeth are removed and there are no longer any roots left to stimulate the bone then it starts to shrink away and resorb into the body. As a result the jaw starts to change shape, hollows often appear in the cheeks, and dentures that were once a tight fit become loose. There are only so many adjustments that your North Harrow dentist can make before a new set of dentures is required.

So what’s the alternative?

The alternative is a process known as denture stabilisation or over-dentures It involves a patient undergoing surgery to have 4-6 implants placed into their jaw. These are made from titanium and will after a period of time fuse naturally with the surrounding bone and tissue. In effect, they mimic tooth roots and stimulate and regenerate bone growth, putting an end to any further loss of bone. They also create a stable platform which is strong enough to hold your dentures in place. Special fixtures are built into the dentures so that they can be easily snapped on and off corresponding fixtures on the dental implants.

Benefits of over-dentures

  • Puts a halt to bone loss
  • Keeps dentures securely in place
  • Dentures are easily removed for cleaning and snapped back into place – no need to remove your dentures at night
  • Jaw retains its shape making the wearer appear more youthful
  • Boosts confidence levels
  • Makes it easier to eat harder, crunchy food such as crisp vegetables, crunchy fruit, and nuts and to be able to chew lean meats. This means patients can get more nutrients from their diet and feel healthier

If you’re interested to learn more about dental implants in North Harrow and how they can be used to secure dentures or replace missing teeth, then please get in touch with Imperial Dental Care by calling 020 8427 2264 or by visiting our website at

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