3 Top Ways That Dental Implants Improve Patient’s Lives

Missing teeth can impact on your life in more ways than you might have thought. Not only does your smile look less attractive but a missing tooth can lead to further dental problems such as shifting teeth and misalignment. As a dentist in Basildon we offer a variety of tooth replacement methods but we know from experience that dental implants are one of the best treatments available. So let’s take a look at 3 of the many benefits you can expect to receive.

Easier to eat

Missing teeth make it harder to chew your food properly in order to extract all the nutrients you need. Dentures can replace teeth but they move around and fill your mouth with plastic. They can make your mouth sore and eating becomes slow and difficult. Dental implants are a permanent fixture in the mouth which look and act in the same way as natural teeth, allowing you to eat crunchy fruit and vegetables, hard nuts, and meat like steak which requires plenty of chewing.

Renewed self confidence

Dental implants in Basildon are the closest thing to natural teeth since they replace the entire tooth structure. They also look amazingly natural so no-one will ever know that you’ve got a false tooth or teeth. Because there’s no way of them moving around either, you’ll find you can get on with your life and forget about what your teeth are doing, giving you back your confidence and your beautiful smile.

Better dental health

Dental implants support themselves and don’t require for natural healthy teeth to be modified in order to hold them, such as with a dental bridge, for example. Gaps between teeth allow for particles of food to get trapped and increases the risk of decay and gum disease. Dental implants close gaps and because all you do to care for them is to brush and floss as you would your natural teeth, it makes it easier to maintain a good level of oral hygiene.

If cared for properly dental implants can last for a patient’s lifetime, making them a very cost effective method of tooth replacement. There’s no worry about them moving around, no more dental adhesive needed to keep them in place, and no complicated maintenance programme. In addition, because they stimulate the bone and gums, they put a halt to the bone loss which naturally occurs when teeth are lost.

If you’d like to find out more about dental implants and if they’re a suitable choice for you, then come and talk to us at Together Dental Basildon. You can call us direct on 01268 726789.

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