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Dental Implants and Why They Could Be the Solution for Your Tooth Loss

Are you missing one or more teeth? Are you interested in finding out the best and most long-lasting way to replace them? If so you might have heard about Clacton dental implants but may be unsure about how they could help you or even what they are.

Explaining How Dental Implants Work

dental-implantsDental implants are an innovative solution for replacing a missing tooth in a way that is much more complete than other options. This is because the implant closely replicates a natural tooth root, not only helping to securely support a replacement tooth, but protecting your dental health in ways you may not have realised. When you have a dental implant it does consist of an implant post that is inserted into the jawbone. The post is made from titanium as this is a metal that integrates extremely well with natural bone which is why it is widely used in other medical applications. Once the post has integrated with the jawbone then it will be bonded firmly in place and is able to support a new tooth.

Health Advantages of Clacton Dental Implants

By replacing a tooth root in this way, you will be protecting your jawbone. Normally after natural teeth are removed, the jawbone gradually begins to reabsorb, creating problems with stability for remaining natural teeth as the bone shrinks and the bony ridge that used to support teeth becomes narrower and flatter. With dental implants this jawbone loss cannot happen and the implant post has a stabilising effect on your remaining teeth.

How Dental Implants Could Help You

Dental implants can be a wonderful solution for replacing single or multiple teeth and our dentist in Clacton finds them particularly good for stabilising loose dentures. Dentures can often become extremely ill-fitting after just a few years of use due to changes in the shape of the jawbone and dental implants can provide a viable long-term solution. When dental implants are used to stabilise loose dentures, the dentures will still be fully removable for easy cleaning, but there is another solution and that is to replace dentures completely with a fixed arch of teeth. This is a lovely option if you are fed up with having to take your teeth out every day.

You will require a small surgical procedure to insert the dental implant into your jawbone but this is pretty quick and we can provide additional sedation if it will help make you feel more comfortable. Every implant procedure is extremely precisely planned using the very latest diagnostic technology to ensure treatment is smooth and successful and proceeds with minimal discomfort for you.

The really nice thing about dental implants is that age definitely isn’t a barrier and many older people have already benefited significantly from having this treatment. When you see your Clacton dentist for an initial consultation for dental implants, they will want to know about your general and dental health as this is far more important than age.

There is a lot more to discover about dental implants and how they might work well for you. To book your first consultation with Clacton Dental Care please call us on 01255 221001.

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