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Dental Care Group in Clacton. Dental implants, where did they come from, where do they go?

The earliest recorded dental replacement and “placing of teeth”dates back to 2500 BC in ancient Egypt where gold wire was used to stabilise teeth, and many early manuscripts allude to toothache of varying severity!

dental-implants-clactonIn about 500 BC the Etruscans customised new teeth out of oxen bones and in 300 AD the Phoenicians carved prosthetic teeth out of ivory and then used a gold wire to stabilise them in the mouth, creating a fixed bridge.

The first example of dental implants as we would class them today, was from the Mayan population around 600AD. The Mayans were ingenious artisans and crafted prosthetic teeth from shells and other objects. They then used them as clever hand-fashioned replacements for mandibular teeth. There are radiographs of Mayans which show that their bone formation adapted to the prosthetic “shell” teeth, in much the same way that it would for modern titanium implants.

About 800 AD in Honduras, there is also evidence of dental implants which were carved out of stone!

By about the 1600’s in Europe, people used all kinds of methods including grave robbing, to procure replacement teeth for operations! However numerous other substances were used around this time, including silver capsules, iridium tubes and porcelain (corrugated)

By 1930, two brothers, the Strock brothers, experimented on the mouths of dogs and also humans after seeing how some physicians had successfully placed chromium-cobalt orthopedic hip implants. They invented the spiral shape that modern dental implants copy, which allowed the bone to grow into the ridges around the metal implant.

A whole range of developments took place over the last 100 years since then to end up with an incredibly advanced dental implant that we use for our dental implants in Clacton today.

So that’s where they came from, where do they go?

The short answer is,“in your mouth”! Dental implants are a very popular modern (in the format they are now!) solution to the problem of missing teeth. To find out if dental implants are a suitable solution for you, it is advisable to speak with one of our treatment coordinators, or head to our practice, to discuss if dental implants on Clacton are the right solution for you.

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