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Dental care for children and pregnant women

Dental care priorities can change with age, and Ladbroke Grove Dental Care offers comprehensive, fully-customised care and treatment for patients of all ages. Good dental habits begin in infancy, and it’s important to introduce your child to the concept of visiting the dentist from a young age.

children-dentistryWhen Baby gets his first tooth, it’s a very exciting time for Mum and Dad, and an important milestone in his development. It should also be the time that you think about taking him for his first appointment with the dentist. As soon as Baby’s first teeth start to appear, you should book him in for a check-up.

The primary focus of these earliest dental appointments is to familiarise Baby with the dental practice environment. It can be beneficial for him to come to Dad or Mum’s check-up, or tag along with older siblings.

Babies enjoy observing and copying what they see, so if he watches someone else sitting in the chair and letting the dentist look inside their mouth, he can then have a turn himself, copying what he has seen.

The dentist will also check for any early warning signs of potential problems, and can help you learn how to brush your baby’s teeth correctly.

As a child ages, it is important to avoid the risk of tooth decay, which too many children in the UK still suffer from, causing unneeded pain, distress, and sometimes requiring tooth extractions. Protecting your child’s teeth includes helping them watch what they eat (cheese or vegetables can be a good alternative to sugary snacks) and developing an effective brushing routine.

The dentist can also apply fissure sealant and fluoride varnish to children’s teeth, which strengthens and helps to protect them.

Dental care during pregnancy

If Baby hasn’t arrived yet, you may be experiencing some unexpected dental symptoms. Pregnancy causes large hormonal changes in the body, which can lead to pregnancy gingivitis – gum disease.

This is common and nothing to worry about, as long as you visit your dentist as soon as you notice anything suspicious. If you have bad morning sickness, you may also suffer acid erosion of the teeth – again, your dentist will help you manage this, so that you can get back to preparing for Baby’s arrival.

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