Could Invisible Braces Be the Right Solution for You?

Could Invisible Braces Be the Right Solution for You? We know lots of adults would prefer their teeth to look straighter and more evenly aligned as this can create an attractive and healthy smile. However it can be off-putting to think about wearing braces for endless months on end and even worse if they are highly visible. This is the great thing about the new orthodontic technologies that we can offer you and which will ensure that teeth straightening in Southend is extremely discreet. These modern braces provide excellent results and are very safe and effective. One system we particularly like to use is called Six Months Smiles which is a short-term orthodontic option that in case you haven’t guessed it will straighten your teeth in an average of just six months.

How Does Six Months Smiles Work?

Six Months Smiles is a fixed brace but don’t let this put you off as it couldn’t be more different from the unsightly metal train tracks you may remember from your childhood. With Six Months Smiles, we can use small clear brackets which are connected to tooth coloured wires that are virtually invisible and there is no need for elastics. This system might be ideal for anyone with more cosmetically oriented problems with their teeth as it concentrates on creating an attractive smile rather than substantially changing the way your teeth bite or occlude together. To change the position of your teeth, Six Months Smiles uses low forces so treatment is quicker and more comfortable than with traditional braces treatment. Another nice thing about using fixed braces is that they will be working all the time to reposition your teeth, making treatment quicker and more effective and eliminating concerns about forgetting to wear removable aligners.

Finding out More about Teeth Straightening in Southend

If you are interested in finding out more about braces in Southend, it’s worth giving our dental practice a call to book a consultation. First, we will need to take a closer look at your teeth and jaws to see the type of problems that require correction. This will enable us to suggest the right kind of treatment as we do offer other braces as well as Six Months Smiles. During this appointment we can also answer any questions you might have about wearing braces and what to expect during treatment, and once we have assessed your teeth we can give you an idea as to how long treatment will take to complete.

Every orthodontic treatment is carefully planned to ensure your teeth will be moved into the correct positions to create a beautifully attractive smile. Sometimes it can be nice to think about using cosmetic dentistry in Southend to help perfect a newly straightened smile, for example veneers can be used to provide a nice shape to a tooth that might be slightly too small or worn down or chipped.

The really nice thing about orthodontics is that it is never too late to straighten your crooked teeth in Southend, provided they are strong and healthy. Once your teeth have been straightened, you will need to wear a retainer for a while.

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