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Could a Cosmetic Brace Help You?

Perhaps your teeth are only slightly crooked but it’s still enough to niggle at you. The thought of having lengthy teeth straightening treatment doesn’t really appeal, so is there another option? This is where a cosmetic brace might be a useful choice. It can be used to correct the position of front teeth that may be just slightly out of alignment or protrusive, or which are perhaps slightly overlapping or have unsightly spaces in between them.

cosmetic-bracesA cosmetic brace is useful for correcting the teeth that you can see when smiling or talking with others which is normally your front six teeth. You might hear these teeth being called the social six. A cosmetic brace isn’t designed to correct substantial problems with the way your teeth bite together or occlude but instead can provide you with quick and affordable treatment that may be completed within a matter of just weeks or months. Here at Imperial Dental Care, we often like to use a cosmetic brace called an Inman Aligner.

What Is an Inman Aligner?

An Inman aligner is a removable cosmetic brace that can provide great results really quickly. It consists of two thin wire bows, one of which is placed on the outside of your teeth while the other is placed on the inside. The wire bows are powered by nickel titanium coil springs that work by creating a squeezing action as the bows will oppose each other. This helps to gently and firmly realign your front teeth as the inner bow will push forwards or outwards while the outer bow will push inwards or backwards on your front teeth.

It’s a highly effective treatment that can cosmetically improve the appearance of your teeth and we may often use an Inman Aligner as part of a smile makeover. This is because teeth straightening in Harrow can be a far more conservative option than alternative treatments such as veneering all your front teeth. By first straightening your teeth, we can then decide if you require any veneers, at which stage it’s more likely just to be one or two to cover up any teeth that might be slightly too small or perhaps which are worn or chipped or badly discoloured.

What about Correcting More Substantial Orthodontic Problems?

Of course a cosmetic brace will not work for everybody which is why we do offer a range of different braces. These include Fastbraces that use fixed brackets and wires to quickly move your teeth into the correct positions. Please don’t be put off by the idea of perhaps wearing fixed braces in Harrow as theycan be extremely discreet and Fastbraces is a good example. It uses tiny triangular brackets to move the crown of your tooth which is the part you can see in your mouth as well as the tooth root, all at the same time, making treatment quick and effective. This particular brace is useful for correcting more complex orthodontic issues and is still very affordable.

When you visit our dentist in Harrow we can carefully assess your teeth and jaws and will recommend the orthodontic treatment we feel will provide you with the very best results, whether it’s fixed or removable. If this sounds interesting then please give us a call on 020 8427 2264. You can also read more about braces in Harrow on our website at

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