5 Tips To Help Control The Build-Up Of Tartar

You may have experienced tartar, so here is how to control the build-up of tartar. It’s the build up of plaque which then hardens and forms a hard white substance which sits just above the gum line You’ve probably tried scrubbing it with a toothbrush with little success. In order to get rid of it you need to visit your hygienist or dentist and they’ll remove it with special dental tools.

Tartar can impact on your teeth, making it harder for you to brush and floss them and often leading to decay and cavities. If it’s ignored then it can cause gingivitis, or become more severe and lead to gum disease known as periodontitis, which can cause loss of teeth. It’s also been linked to health problems such as heart disease.

  1. Brush your teeth thoroughly at least twice day using a soft bristled tooth brush and taking care not to miss hard to reach areas, such as your rear molars, and behind your teeth. Take your time, at least 2 minutes is recommended, as a quick 30 second scrub will fail to remove plaque or prevent tartar.
  1. Choose a fluoride toothpaste designed for tartar control since this will help prevent plaque from getting hard and turning to tartar. The fluoride will also repair any damage to the enamel.
  1. Floss, and then floss some more. No matter how great your toothbrush skills, plaque between the teeth can only be removed with flossing and helps to keep tartar away from those hard to reach areas.
  1. Give up smoking. Research has shown that those people who use tobacco products or smoke cigarettes are more likely to have tartar than non-smokers.
  1. Be careful of what you eat. Bacteria thrives on starchy and sugary foods and exposure to these makes them release acids which are harmful to your teeth. Try to cut down on sugary foods and eat a healthy diet. If you feel the need to snack then choose healthy options such as fresh fruit, plain popcorn, low fat yoghurt, and nuts. Brush your teeth and drink plenty of water to rinse of the acids, during and after meals.

As a dentist in London we take preventative dental care very seriously indeed and have a friendly, caring team of dental hygienists who will show you ways to look after your teeth to keep them free from plaque. They’ll show you the best brushing techniques and give you tips on  flossing. If you’ve missing your six month check-up then why not get in touch with Imperial Dental Care by calling 020 8427 2264.

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