Choose Professional Teeth Whitening for The Safest Results

Are you ready to Choose Professional Teeth Whitening for the Safest Results? Everyone wants a whiter smile as it is viewed as being a sign of youthfulness and good health and these days a beautifully bright smile has never been easier to achieve with a teeth whitening treatment. However, teeth whitening is a dental procedure that if carried out incorrectly has the power to harm your dental health and this is why it is strictly regulated here in the UK.

Only Your Dentist Can Legally Carry out Tooth Whitening Treatments

You will find that only your Basildon dentist or a registered dental professional under the strict supervision of a dentist can legally use professional whitening gels that are much stronger and much more effective than anything you can buy over-the-counter or online. The results you will achieve from having your teeth professionally whitened will be both safe and effective and will not harm your teeth. As you only have one set of adult teeth, it is a great idea to take care of them and we certainly want to help you enjoy your natural teeth for life.

What Makes a Professional Teeth Whitening Treatment So Effective?

With a professional tooth whitening treatment, the emphasis is very much on ensuring your safety and comfort, while making sure you end up with a sparkling white smile. To begin with, we will thoroughly examine your teeth and gums to make sure this treatment is the right option for you as it should not be carried out on a mouth that is unhealthy. While examining your mouth, we can determine the reason for tooth discolouration as this will make a difference to the overall effectiveness of treatment.

There are lots of different reasons why teeth can become stained and often it is due to lifestyle habits, but it may also be down to internal staining, perhaps due to an old root canal treatment.

Certain colours of teeth will respond more easily to tooth whitening and these factors are all things we can look into and discuss with you beforehand, so you know exactly the type of results to expect. We will be aiming for a nice, healthy white smile that is not over bleached and which will look very natural and youthful.

Choosing How to Whiten Your Teeth

Together Dental Basildon has two options for tooth whitening as you can opt for a power whitening treatment that will only take an hour or so, or you can purchase a customised home whitening kit for use at home. Both of these treatments will produce great results so it is just down to whether you want whiter teeth right away or if you don’t mind spending a bit longer. ]

If you have sensitive teeth then it is possible you might find it more comfortable to whiten at home over a longer period as our dentist in Basildon can prescribe a lower strength of whitening gel to ensure the process is more comfortable.

Teeth whitening is a really nice way to affordably and quickly brighten up your smile. If you would like to know more or want to book an appointment, please give us a call on 01268 726789.

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