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Bring Back Your Natural Smile With Cosmetic Dentistry

Do you shy away from having your photo taken? Are you always hiding your smile because of teeth that are crooked, discoloured or damaged? If so, then cosmetic dentistry in Southend could offer a solution. Here at Southend Dental Care patients can choose from several options to make over their smile and enhance their appearance.

cosmetic dentistry in SouthendNot so long ago cosmetic dentistry was the preserve of the rich and famous but nowadays many dental clinics offer a variety of cosmetic treatments which are made more affordable thanks to flexible payment options. These treatments vary from something as simple as teeth whitening in Southend to more complete makeovers using dental crowns, porcelain veneers, and dental implants. Our friendly team will take the time to discuss what you’d like to achieve and discuss your best dental options.

Whiten your smile

If your smile isn’t as bright as you’d like then teeth whitening could be all it needs to restore its beauty and give you back your confidence. Patients can choose power whitening which uses a laser beam to activate and accelerate the whitening process. It only takes an hour from start to finish so it’s something that could easily be slotted into your lunch break. Or if you prefer, we can provide a home whitening kit which involves you wearing trays containing the bleaching gel for a couple of hours a day. You can expect to see great results in a couple of weeks.

Straighten or close a gapped smile

Perhaps your smile is badly stained or you’ve got visible fillings at the front which won’t lighten. If this is the case then our dentist can fit you with porcelain veneers which offer a permanent form of tooth whitening and don’t stain. Veneers are like false nails for fingernails and are placed over the front surface of your teeth to hide any damage or discolouration. They can be shaped and coloured to match your other teeth to give a seamless finish. They’re sometimes used as a minor form of orthodontics too, since they can disguise crooked teeth and close gaps, giving you a more even and straight smile.

Replace old fillings

Another quick and easy way our dentists can enhance your smile is to replace those old metal fillings with modern compound or white fillings. These are coloured blended to match your teeth so your fillings instantly disappear into oblivion. If an old filling has crumbled and there’s very little tooth structure remaining, then a porcelain crown could be used instead to give the tooth support and structure.

Dental implants in Southend

Finally, if you’re missing teeth or have a badly damaged tooth that is beyond repair, then dental implants could be the way forward. This really is the best form of tooth replacement since it replaces the entire tooth structure and puts a halt to the bone loss which occurs when teeth are lost. They do however require surgery but because they’re a permanent fixture in the mouth they look, feel, and function just like your natural teeth.

If you’re tired of looking at your fading smile then why not come and speak with the team at Southend Dental Care to see what we can do for you. You can book an appointment by calling 01702 465000 or contact us online at We’re also an evening and weekend dentist in Southend catering for people who are at work all the week.

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