Are Your Dentures Getting You Down In The Mouth?

Years ago if you suffered missing teeth it’s fair to say your options were pretty limited. You might have paid a visit to your dentist in Basildon and in return received a pair of heavy, clunky dentures that really didn’t look or feel all that great. Nowadays thankfully things are different. For those who have missing teeth, a variety of teeth replacement choices are available to them. As such, denture wearers should no longer simply have to ‘make do’.

So what are the options? Let’s take a look…

New modern set of dentures

A modern set of dentures made by an experienced specialist prosthodontist are a world away from the dentures of old. They’re light and natural looking and can be made of semi-translucent, flexible acrylic making them extremely comfortable to wear as they mould to the contours of the mouth easily. This means that they’re also far less prone to irritation and rubbing and less likely to slip and slide too.

But what about those denture wearers who can no longer wear dentures due to too much bone resorption?

It’s true that excess thinning of the gum due to tooth loss can be problematic for some denture wearers. In many cases even the most modern of dentures aren’t really an option. For those who have experienced a good degree of gum thinning (otherwise known as bone resorption) they usually find that their top set of teeth are retentive and comfortable but their lower teeth aren’t. In these situations a solution is to use a few strategically placed mini dental implants to retain their removable dentures. A simple snap on mechanism allows the wearer to remove their dentures for cleaning and snap them back on afterwards.

Finally for those who want total dental security then a patient can opt for multiple dental implants. In Basildon, here at Together Dental Basildon we can replace individual missing teeth with implants or use an implant-supported bridge where several consecutive teeth are missing. Once placed with porcelain crowns they look, feel, and to a certain extent even act just like your natural teeth.

The good news is that here at our Basildon dental practice, we have options and prices to suit everyone and every budget. You don’t have to get down in the dumps about your dentures anymore so come and speak to your friendly and experienced dentist in Basildon who can discuss your dental options at a no-obligation consultation.

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