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Are You Too Scared To Visit The Dentist?

If you’ve answered yes to this question, then don’t worry because you’re certainly not alone. The reality is that many people suffer anxiety and stress at the mere though of sitting in the dentist’s chair, yet alone having any treatment undertaken. The good news is that your dentist in Clacton can use a technique known as conscious sedation to help you overcome your dental phobia.

So what is conscious sedation exactly?

dentist in ClactonConscious sedation involves administering medication to the patient which makes them feel drowsy, totally relaxed, and without a care in the world. It can be administered through a vein in the back of the hand or alternatively, patients can breath in a mixture of nitrous oxide and oxygen via a small mask which is placed over the nose and mouth. The patient remains conscious throughout the treatments and able to respond to their Clacton dentist if required. Unlike a general anaesthetic which puts you to sleep, you don’t feel groggy or sick, and are soon back to your normal self.

Advantages of conscious sedation

Conscious sedation has numerous advantages both for the patient and the dentist which includes:

  • A patient is relieved of any anxiety or stress which they may face prior to the dental visit and during treatment. Suitably relaxed but fully compliant with the dentist, it means that a dentist can carry out a long course of treatment far quicker than with a patient who is visibly getting a little agitated.
  • Conscious sedation can be used by patients to undertake treatments that several years ago they wouldn’t have been able to tolerate because they were too scared.
  • A wide variety of dental treatments can be carried out with conscious sedation including dental implants in Clacton, which requires oral surgery that many patients worry about? Surgery such as this relies on total precision so having the patient completely relaxed is crucial.
  • Finally, conscious sedation is of benefit to people who suffer with a gag reflex or with patients who struggle to control their bodily movements because they are suffering from conditions such as Parkinson’s Disease.

Conscious sedation is a great solution for those patients who are scared of dentists and all that a visit entails but unfortunately it isn’t for everyone. If a person is taking medication or they are allergic to various types of medication, then sedation dentistry might not be a viable option. Sometimes anxiety is caused by simply not knowing what to expect and as a result a consultation whereby a patient comes to the dental clinic, meets the team, and has the procedure explained to them in detail, can be all that’s needed to put their mind at rest.

If you’d like to know more about conscious sedation and how it can benefit you, then please get in touch with Clacton Dental Care by calling us on 01255 221001 or visit our website at for more information. We’re a private and NHS dentist in Clacton committing to giving our patients the best possible dental care.

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