Are You Looking to Improve Your Smile?

Are You Looking to Improve Your Smile? Unless you are incredibly lucky, it is likely that there are at least one or two things you would prefer to change about your smile as very few people have perfect teeth. If you find these imperfections are beginning to niggle at you, why not contact Clacton Dental Care to find out how we can help?

Cosmetic Dentistry Can Achieve Amazing Things

Our dentist in Clacton is able to use the most advanced techniques and materials to create beautiful smiles and we have a range of treatments you may be interested in. These include nearly invisible braces that can often straighten crooked teeth more quickly than you might imagine, as well as porcelain veneers and white fillings to help brighten up your smile.

Our teeth whitening treatments can provide the finishing touch to any smile makeover, as can our anti-wrinkle injections. This might all sound rather confusing, but really is quite easy to find out more about cosmetic dentistry in Clacton. The most straightforward way to begin is simply by booking an appointment with one of our dentists.

Deciding Which Treatments May Help

Before you come and see us, it’s worth having a think about how you’d like to change your smile and the type of result you’d like to see once treatment is completed. When you visit our dental practice, we can carefully assess your teeth and jaws and will chat to you about your aims and desires for cosmetic dentist in Clacton.

Using this information, we can then plan your personalised treatment plan. This will be designed to fit in with your aims and your budget. Often only relatively minor treatment is required to help make a smile look much nicer.

For example our teeth whitening treatments are highly affordable and if you have one or two teeth that are too badly discoloured to respond to this treatment or which are perhaps damaged or oddly shaped then these can soon be covered up with our lovely porcelain veneers.

Perhaps you don’t even want to go this far, in which case just renewing old fillings with our cosmetic tooth coloured or white fillings can help considerably. Larger fillings can be replaced with porcelain inlays and onlays that are made from an extremely strong form of porcelain, protecting and preserving your teeth.

If your teeth are crooked then we may suggest you think about having orthodontic treatment. Today’s modern braces are extremely discreet and can provide excellent and very predictable results. Treatment can be extremely quick if we only need to correct the position of your front teeth and this is a very good yet conservative way of helping to perfect your smile.

If you are looking for something a little more extensive then we can help you by designing a smile makeover that will be complimentary to your facial features, your personality and even your skin tone.

These days we can do amazing things with teeth and your dream smile may be easier and more affordable than you ever imagined. Contact our dentist in clacton today to book your initial consultation on 01255 221001.

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