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Are You Looking for an NHS Dentist in South Benfleet?

If you are then we have some very good news as South Benfleet Dental Care is currently accepting new NHS patients. We strongly believe that everybody should have access to affordable dental care and our NHS dentist provides an extensive range of treatments, all of which are within the range of everybody. By coming to see our dentist at regular intervals, we hope to ensure you can enjoy healthy teeth and gums and a nicely maintained smile at all times.

What to Expect during an NHS Dental Check-up

NHS dentist in South BenfleetDuring your check-up with our NHS dentist in South Benfleet you can expect to have your teeth and gums thoroughly examined. Our dentist will carefully check each tooth for any signs of decay or damage and will gently test your gums to make sure they are strong and healthy and that you do not have any signs of gum disease or periodontal disease. We also regularly check all the oral tissues in your mouth during a screening for oral cancer. This is very quick and non-invasive as our dentist will simply closely examine the inside of your mouth which includes your cheeks and your lips, the roof and floor of your mouth and your tongue. They are looking for any small signs that something might be wrong such as changes in the colour of these tissues or any unexplained lumps, bumps or sore patches that may require further investigation.

Your dental check-up includes x-rays if required and after the examination is completed our dentist will discuss the findings with you including the need for any treatment and advice on how to prevent future problems. Your teeth will be scaled and polished if necessary as this is an excellent treatment for helping to prevent gum disease. The appointment will finish with an application of fluoride which helps harden your teeth, protecting them against tooth decay.

What Happens If Any Treatment Is Required?

If you do need any essential dental care then it is covered under the NHS for a minimal cost. Procedures that included under NHS dental care are dental fillings and root canal work and tooth extractions if needed. It is important to note that our NHS dentist in South Benfleet will always do everything they can to avoid removing a tooth and this is definitely always the last resort. NHS treatment also covers crowns to restore badly damaged teeth, as well as bridges and dentures to replace missing teeth.

What Happens If I Want Any Other Type of Dental Treatment?

The really nice thing about visiting our dental practice is that we offer both NHS dentistry and private dentistry and once you are registered with our NHS dentist in Benfleet you are free to mix and match treatments as required. This means if you decide you’d like to have your teeth whitened or require some other kind of cosmetic dentistry treatment that isn’t covered under the NHS then you are free to pay for it privately and will be able to have this procedure completed in a familiar environment.

If you would like to come and see our NHS dentist in South Benfleet then give us a call today on 01268 793485 so we can book your first appointment.

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