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Are You Looking for an NHS Dentist in Basildon?

Are you looking for an NHS dentist in Basildon? Felmores Dental Care can help you as we are currently accepting new NHS patients. We know many people may have struggled to find a good local dentist and are pleased to be able to offer this vital service to residents in Basildon. Our NHS dentistry services can provide all the treatment you need to diagnose and treat common dental issues and our regular examinations will help keep your teeth and gums healthy and strong and free from disease. All these treatments are available at a very low cost and are easily affordable.

How General Dental Examinations Can Help You

nhs dentist in BasildonYour general dental examination will include a thorough check by our Basildon dentist. They will carefully check all the tissues inside your mouth, including your teeth and gums and all the soft tissues of your tongue, cheeks, lips and the roof and floor of your mouth. This exam is to check for any signs of abnormalities that require further investigation. If necessary, your dental exam will include x-rays as these can show us areas hidden from view such as tooth roots that might be infected, areas of decay in between your teeth and any changes to bone surrounding your teeth. Dental x-rays are also useful in diagnosing problems with teeth yet to erupt, in particular wisdom teeth.

Once your dental exam is complete our NHS dentist in Basildon can provide a scale and polish if necessary and an application of fluoride. This is a mineral that is very useful in hardening teeth, protecting them from decay and can be applied in the form of mouthwash or as a gel or foam in mouth trays that are simply worn for a few minutes in our dental practice. Dental education is an important part of preventative dental care and if necessary we can talk to you about the best way to brush and floss at home and about general dental care, and how your diet can affect your teeth. Sometimes even a healthy diet can adversely affect dental health and tweaking it slightly can help make a real difference.

Other Treatments Covered by the NHS

NHS dentistry also covers a comprehensive range of treatments at minimal costs. If you need a filling or root canal treatment, or if you need teeth removed, then these services are all covered. We do regard tooth removal as being the last resort and you can rest assured our NHS dentist in Basildon will do everything they can to help preserve your natural teeth as these are always the best design. If you do have to have teeth extracted, then we can provide bridges and dentures under the NHS. Our practice also provides a complete range of private dental services, so if you find you would like a treatment not covered under the NHS, such as cosmetic dentistry in Basildon, then we can easily arrange this.

Our practice has been providing NHS dental services for more than 25 years and we would welcome you as a new patient. Call us on 01268 726789 to book your first appointment.

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