Are You Afraid of Visiting a Dentist? Ask Us about Sedation Dentistry

Are You Afraid of Visiting a Dentist? Dental fears and phobias are incredibly common and unfortunately can prevent some people from receiving much-needed dental treatment. As a result anyone who is fearful of the dentist may wait until they develop a painful problem that often requires emergency treatment to put right. Our dentists in South Benfleet are particularly good at helping nervous patients relax and overcome their fears, and we offer sedation dentistry to make treatment more comfortable.

Here at Together Dental South Benfleet, we have found sedation dentistry can be extremely useful, particularly for patients who haven’t visited a dentist for a while and who now require a substantial amount of treatment to help restore dental health. Sedation dentistry can also be good for anyone with a strong gag reflex. Using sedation dentistry enables us to carry out a greater amount of dental treatment in one comfortable visit. We offer two types of sedation dentistry which include intravenous sedation and inhalation sedation.

Inhalation Sedation

Inhalation sedation is particularly gentle and is ideal for anyone who has a fear of needles. During this treatment a small mask is placed over your nose so you can inhale a mix of nitrous oxide and oxygen. It only takes a very short while for the gas, which is also known as laughing gas to take effect. You’ll still be awake and fully aware of what is happening but will feel calm and deeply relaxed during treatment. The amount of gas being administered is constantly monitored and is carefully adjusted to keep you comfortable at all times. Once the gas is turned off it is soon eliminated from your body and you will back to normal within a very short while. This is the only type of sedation where you will be able to drive yourself home after treatment.

Intravenous Sedation

Intravenous sedation is particularly effective for patients who are very nervous about receiving treatment. During intravenous sedation the sedative is given in a controlled manner through an injection so that you feel extremely relaxed during treatment. Although you will still be able to respond to us, you’ll be largely unaware of what is happening and afterwards you are unlikely to remember very much, if anything about your treatment. We will keep you with us for a short while after intravenous sedation just to make sure you are okay. You’ll need someone to take you home and stay with you for a few hours just to ensure all is well.

Sedation Dentistry Is Extremely Safe

Our dentists and dental team are specially trained to administer these types of sedation using equipment that is properly maintained. You’ll be continually monitored at all times to ensure you are completely safe and comfortable during your visit.

If you do feel nervous about receiving dental treatment then please talk to our friendly dental team when you book your dental appointment. We are extremely gentle with all our patients, but we take extra care with anyone who has a dental phobia or who feels nervous.

There are lots of different things we can do to help make your visit more pleasant, and we can work with you to make sure treatment is given at a pace you feel comfortable with, and of course you are free to halt it at any stage. Contact our dentists in South Benfleet on 01268 793485 to book your appointment today.

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