Are You A Fanatic About Flossing? Here Is Why You Should Be

Are you a fanatic about flossing? Do you floss every single night without fail or is this a task you only carry out before visiting our dentist in South Benfleet? We know many of our patients find this task arduous and unpleasant and a recent survey backs this up.

The survey showed that more than a quarter of people lie to the dentist about their flossing habits, saying they floss every day when unfortunately this isn’t exactly the truth. Incredibly the same survey found that 14% found cleaning the toilet more appealing than having to floss every day.

Another survey carried out by the British Dental Health Foundation earlier this year found that a third of Britons have never flossed. One of the problems is that many people simply haven’t been taught the importance of cleaning in between the teeth regularly but alongside brushing your teeth twice a day, flossing is one of the easiest ways to help maintain good oral hygiene and therefore good oral health. So why is flossing so important?

How Flossing Helps Your Dental Health

When you clean your teeth with just a toothbrush you’re brushing approximately two thirds of your tooth surfaces. The other third are the surfaces in between your teeth. These contact areas are impossible to clean with a toothbrush that can easily trap food and plaque. Plaque consists of bacteria and it creates a sticky biofilm over the surface of your teeth as it builds up. It’s important to remove it regularly as otherwise plaque will harden into tartar and can only be scraped away by a hygienist. Tartar produces toxins that infect and inflame your gums putting you at risk of gum disease. In addition, failing to floss puts you at risk of developing cavities in these contact areas. Flossing is a great way to mechanically remove plaque and food debris and the action helps stimulate your gums, ensuring they stay strong and healthy.

Getting the Right Technique

When done properly, it should only take a couple of minutes or so to clean in between each tooth and one major mistake the people after me is to break off too shorter the length of dental floss. It’s important that you use a length of about 30 cm so you can use a fresh section in between each tooth. You’ll find your dentist in South Benfleet is able to show you how to floss properly, but often your hygienist is the best person to ask for advice and a quick demonstration.

You don’t need to book an appointment with the dentist at South Benfleet Dental Care to see one of our friendly hygienists. A hygiene appointment is a great way to improve the health of your teeth and gums. Tartar is gently scraped or scaled away before teeth are polished. By doing this you hygienist will be able to identify areas that really need a bit of help and will work with you to improve your dental hygiene routine at home.

You can call us to book an appointment with our dentist in South Benfleet or our hygienist on 01268 793485. To save time, it’s a good idea to book a hygiene appointment at the same time as a check-up.

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